Debating Eliminations - RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 6 Episode 2
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The queens reenter the Werk Room to open the voting box. There are 10 votes to eliminate Serena and one vote for Trinity. In the confessional, Trinity is happy that the other queens kept her around.

Yara Sofia reveals that her lipstick was to eliminate Trinity. Trinity says she's fine with it, but in confessional, she knows that Yara is playing the game.

The guest judge is Big Freedia.

The queens read Serena's lipstick message. They talk about who is the trade of the season; Jan wants to be the trade, but everyone thinks she's too innocent/feminine.

RuPaul reveals the Maxi Challenge is a Ball Challenge. The queens will have to serve three looks: a blue-collar working girl look, a blue jean baby look, and a blue ball bonanza that they'll have to create from scratch.

Jan wants her creative look to be inspired by her look from her original season. Scarlet Envy thinks Jan should do something new and wipe the slate clean.

Jiggly Caliente is upset that the queens ravaged all the blue supplies. In confessional, she admits that she hates doing construction challenges because she stumbled with creating outfits on her original season.

Ra'Jah O'Hara loves to sew, but she got eliminated in her original season from an unconventional sewing challenge. She's visibly worried looking at her items and the prospect of being eliminated again.

Scarlet is concerned that Yara Sofia hasn't touched a sewing machine yet. Eureka remarks that Yara won many sewing challenges in her original season. Yara is overconfident about her sewing ability. In confessional, Trinity K. Bonet thinks Yara needs to be humble and get it in check.

During RuPaul's walkthrough, Eureka remarks on her time post-Drag Race and almost winning. She's going to use her crafting skill to help with her outfit. RuPaul notices a strong change in Jiggly Caliente since their time on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 4.

Ra'Jah O'Hara acknowledges her villain edit and pointed comments during her season held her back. She wants to change that so she can shine.

The queens are putting the final touches on their outfits. Yara is hiding her ball look until they get on the runway; Eureka is very curious about what Yara has created. Silky is taking too long on her outfit and not applying her makeup.

The queens talk about elimination rules and if they want to set a standard. Ginger Minj thinks they should have integrity while Trinity thinks it's just determining who has the weaker look. Jiggly Caliente thinks relationships between the queens will play a part when push comes to shove.

On the main stage, RuPaul is wearing a shiny orange and yellow dress. RuPaul teases that there will be 36 looks on the runway.

For the Blue-Collar look, Ra'Jah is a construction worker, Kylie is a sexy carpenter, Eureka is a fitted crosswalk attendant, Jan is a sexy mechanic, Jiggly Caliente is a sanitation diva, Silky is a milk delivery person, Scarlet Envy is a lumber saw, A'keria is a sexy welder, Pandora Boxx is a waitress, Yara Sofia is a construction worker, Ginger Minj is a plumber, and Trinity K. Bonet is a crosswalk attendant.

For Blue Jean Baby, Ra'Jah is in a denim jumpsuit inspired by Mary J Blige, Kylie is in a sexy look inspired by Christina Aguilera and she's wearing the trans flag, Eureka is in a denim jumpsuit gown,  Jan is in a geometric star gown, Jiggly Caliente is girly skateboarder, Silky is in a denim bodysuit with lots of red fringes, Scarlet is in a sexy denim outfit with the American flag, A'keria is a sexy denim femme fatale, Pandora is in a Dolly Parton-inspired outfit, Yara is in a sexy outfit with low-rise jeans inspired by Selena, Ginger is in a denim jumpsuit, and Trinity is in a 70s hippie denim look.

For Blue Ball Bonanza, Ra'Jah is in a sexy futuristic outfit, Kylie is in a sexy gown covered in stars, Eureka is in a small sexy ballerina dress, Jan is in a Hunger Games-inspired look from her original season, Jiggly is in a sexy shawl with blue streamers, Silky is in a sexy blue duvet and large flowers, Scarlet is in a sexy fitted mermaid-inspired shiny gown, A'keria is in a sexy blue gown made of blue cups and shower curtains, Pandora is in a prize gown look, Yara's gown is a pageant-inspired gown, Ginger is in a Mod-inspired gown made from a shower curtain, and Trinity is in a Cinderella-inspired ball gown.

Jan, Silky, Scarlet, Pandora, Ginger, and Trinity are safe.

During the panel, the judges loved Ra'Jah's humor with her first two looks; they're blown away by her third look. The judges loved all three of Kylie's looks and thinks she's so chic. For Eureka, they liked how she incorporated her comedy side into her outfits. The judges think Jiggly needed to push herself more with her second and third looks for All Stars. The judges aren't fans of her first and second look, but they love her third look. The judges didn't understand Yara's first look or the denim of her second look, but they like her third look.

Ra'Jah O'Hara is the top All Star. Kylie, Eureka, and A'keria are safe. Jiggly Caliente and Yara Sofia are at the bottom.

During the campaigning, Yara hates having to campaign, but she tells Ra'Jah that she will bring it and change up her look if she stays. Jiggly is sad while talking to the queens; she knows that being a seamstress isn't her talent. Jiggly wants to stay and fight. Yara is crying and wants to stay, but she tells the others that she doesn't want to be fake and campaign against her morals.

Jiggly tells Ra'Jah she wants a shot to stay to prove more. She will do anything to stay. While Yara and Jiggly are gone, the queens talk about who should go. In confessional, Ginger is conflicted because she wants Jiggly to stay, but she doesn't want to campaign and put a target.

During the voting, Jiggly voted out Yara, and Yara voted out Jiggly. Trinity voted out Yara. Ginger voted out Jiggly.

The lip-sync assassin is Brooke Lynn Hytes from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11.

The lip-sync song is "Miss You Much" by Janet Jackson. The queens bring out lots of energy, tricks, and fierce poses.

Ra'Jah O'Hara and Brooke Lynn Hytes both win the lip-sync. If both lipsticks reveal a different name, both queens will be eliminated.

Ra'Jah has voted to eliminate Jiggly Caliente. Brooke Lynn reveals that the group voted to eliminate Jiggly too.

An hour later, Jiggly receives the message that her time in the competition is still going.

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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

No more plastic hangers!

Scarlet Envy

I think, Ladies, that we should talk about the two tributes tonight. I just want to lay out the facts. Like, Yara, do I think she had a better-constructed look today in the Ball? I do. Do I love hearing Jiggly’s fight? One hundred precent. So, I’m at a loss right now, and I think a lot of us are very confused about voting for someone we consider a friend.