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The queens read the lipstick message and Jan is crying. She's sad that Brita just got eliminated since they're best friends.

At the couch, Jackie Cox is surprised that she didn't win the Rusical challenge. Jan wants to win a challenge and she's still crying over Brita. In confessional, Jaida Essence Hall believes that Jan's tears might be more about losing the challenge. Jackie thinks Jan's sadness is due to not living up to her reputation.

For the Mini Challenge (Bussom Buddies), the queens must deliver shade by handing gifting products from FabFitFun. Gigi Goode and Jackie Cox, Crystal Methyd and Jaida Essence Hall, Jan and Heidi N Closet, and Widow Von'Du and Sherry Pie are the teams. They have to get into quick drag.

Jackie/Gigi vs. Jaida/Crystal delivers some zingers against each other. Heidi/Jan vs. Widow/Sherry gets a few one-liners in. Jackie Cox and Gigi Goode win the challenge.

For the Maxi Challenge, the queens have to create a lifestyle product and sell it through the brand, "Droop." The queens have to create a commercial.

Bob Harper from Biggest Loser joins RuPaul for the walkthrough. Heidi N Closet changes the name of the product to "Heidi Hydrates". RuPaul tells her to act her butt off.

Widow Von'Du's product is a throat-coating spray to stop gagging. RuPaul asks her why she hasn't won any challenges beyond the one she won before.

Jan's product is "Sure Jan"; a product that brings out their inner Marsha. RuPaul tells her to bring the funny.

Jackie Cox's product is a magic carpet merkin. Jackie is inspired by I Dream Of Genie. Bob thinks her product could either go really well or crash and burn.

Bob Harper will help manage the commercials on set. The guest judge on the panel is Chaka Khan.

Jackie Cox is the first to rehearse her commercial. Jackie is loudly instructing her vision and how it will all be edited, but Bob is a tad confused about what's happening. She's using the power of sharp editing to make magic happen.

Gigi Goode's product is "Goodnight Bitch", a sleeping aid. Bob wants Gigi to give more energy and personality in her commercial.

During Jan's commercial, she's full of energy, but Jan wants her to take it down a notch. Jan does a deathdrop with money pouring down on her.

Jaida Essence Hall keeps hitting her microphone during her commercial.

Heidi flubs her energy a few times, but Bob finds Heidi N Closer is more funnier in between takes. Bob tells her to drop the script and embrace her improvisation/comedy.

Widow Von'Du acts demure during her commercial recordings and keeps forgetting her lines.

Crystal Methyd's product is "The Magic Mullet." Crystal is too chaotic in trying to get all the shots she needs.

The runway category is "Black Wedding."

During the mirror moment, Jan tries again to explain why she was sad over Brita getting eliminated. In confessional, Jan explains the many years of friendship she's had with Brita. Jackie Cox explains that Jan might be shaken by the competition since her voice gets high when nervous.

The queens do impressions of each other.

On the runway, Jackie Cox wears a black bridal gown for a widowed funeral, Jan's outfit is a bride who rejects the wedding, Jaida's outfit is a trophy wife gown, Gigi's outfit is a Dior-inspired black wedding gown, Sherry Pie has an old Victorian ghost bride outfit, Heidi N Closet has an elegant black gown with fabric wrapped around the shoulders, Widow Von'Du's has a demonic look with her black gown, and Crystal Methyd's outfit is an undead bride covered in dust.

Jackie's commercial gets laughs and they like her outfit. Chaka Khan learns what a merkin in.

RuPaul and the judges love Jan's outfit. For her commercial, they wanted her energy to have peaks and bounds, and she put too much in her commercial.

Jaida Essence Hall's product is luxury tucking panties. The judges think her look is gorgeous and they love her commercial.

The judges are blown away by Gigi's outfit. They think her commercial wasn't funny and "meh."

The judges wanted more from Sherry Pie's commercial. They love her outfit on the runway.

Heidi's commercial gets the most laughs; she brought out all the comedy. The judges think she looks beautiful in her gown.

The judges love Widow's outfit on the runway, but her commercial fell flat. Ross thinks the infomercial lacked a joy; Widow Von'Du breaks down in tears. Widow is sad that she failed in front of Chaka Khan.

The judges are impressed by Crystal's corpse bridge look. Michelle, Ross, and the judges love her commercial; they're impressed that she included the mullet in the product.

RuPaul asks the queens which queen should go home. Everyone chooses Widow Von'Du, but Widow chooses Jan.

In the private judging panel, they think Jackie's commercial was a home run, that Jan is gunning too hard for a win, Jaida is the dark horse of the competition, Gigi failed in the infomercial, Sherry's infomercial wasn't up to her level, Heidi killed it with her comedy, that Widow failed in the challenge, and that Crystal has done a huge improvement.

Heidi N Closet wins the challenge. Jackie Cox, Jaida Essence Hall, and Crystal Methyd are in the top and safe.

Gigi Goode is safe. Widow Von'Du ends up in the bottom two. Sherry Pie is safe and Jan ends up in the bottom two.

"This Is My Night" by Chaka Khan is the lipsync song. Widow Von'Du brings out the emotion of the words while Jan goes for moves and energy.

Widow Von'Du wins the lipsync and Jan gets eliminated. Everyone gives Jan a goodbye hug.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 12 Episode 8 Quotes

Widow is really selling the words and emotion of this song. I think Chaka Khan’s soul has now entered Widow and is coming alive on this stage.

Jackie Cox

Jan: Everyone when I get home is gonna be so upset that she went home, and at least if there was any consolation, it could’ve been I would’ve won this challenge. I … it just sucks.
Jackie Cox: [In confessional] I think this is a build-up of weeks and weeks of her not breaking through to the judges. She also says she’s really upset about Brita, but I think it’s more that she’s upset neither her nor Brita have been able to live up to their reputations.