The Bitch Is Crazy - RuPaul's Drag Race
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The queens enter the Werk Room and read Joey Jay's lipstick message. They recount what had happened during Untucked and the fight between Kandy Muse/Tamisha Iman.

Kandy Muse reignites the argument when she interrupts Tamisha and doesn't speak the truth about what happened. The queens clarify that Tamisha said what she said. Kandy acts like she's better than all the bottom queens.

The Mini Challenge involves the queens teaming up into pairs of twos. One queen will wear an outfit made of wallpaper and the other queen will speak commentary. The queens who pair together for the Mini Challenge will have to work together during the Maxi Challenge.

The partners are Rose/Denali, Tina Burner/Gottmik/Kandy Muse, Tamisha Iman/Elliott with 2 Ts, Olivia Lux/Utica Queen, and Symone/Lala Ri. Tamisha Iman and Elliott with 2 Ts win the challenge.

The Maxi Challenge will be making a dancing documentary about Disco. The queens will have to create choreography and embody the spirit of the era. Tina's team will be the birth of disco, disco and sex will be Eliott's team, Studio 54 is Olivia's team, Denali's team is Disco fashion, and Lala's pair is disco sucks.

The queens love that they'll get to work on disco. During the walkthroughs, Denali reveals she did ice-skating on a cruise ship and Rose has to stop acting perfect. RuPaul teams Symone and Lala Ri about the Disco Sucks movement. RuPaul bursts into laughter because Tina, Gottmik, and Kandy know nothing about disco music.

The queens theorize about how the elimination will go. Kandy Muse is worried because she's in a group with two strong dancers.

The choreographer starts teaching the queens dance numbers for the documentary. Kandy and Gottmik hit a few missteps. Elliott and Tamisha are given hula hoops to work in their dance number. In confessional, Tamisha reveals she has an ostomy to deal with.

Rose and Denali have the most dance-heavy choreography. Utica is forgetting her dance steps and it's causing everyone to laugh from her faces. In confessional, Utica is begging herself to get it together.

During the next day in the Werk Room, Tina reveals The Mean Girls alliance of her, Kandy, and Gottmik. Olivia reveals she used to weigh almost 300 pounds back in high school. Kandy talks about her past and anger issues fighting against the world. Tamisha Iman talks about a woman who helped her as a kid do more activities and dance.

Loni Love is the guest judge.

During the disco documentary, Tamisha Iman forgets a step and the pair isn't as sexy. The queens perform their overall dance numbers and have a blast.

The runway theme is "Little Black Dress." Tina has a black dress with her signature colours in paint marks, Kandy Muse is in a dress design, Gottmik is wearing her little black dress as a merkin, Elliotts with 2 Ts has a cape and a sexy dress, Tamisha Iman has a sophisticated dress that feels like Dynasty, Olivia Lux has a sexy mini dress, Utica Dress is inspired by Audrey Hepburn (she's painted in gold), Denali is in a black widow dress with web beading, Rose has grey tule framing her black dress, Lala Ri has a super tight black dress with a silver neckpiece, and Symone is wearing a dress made of hair with an elaborate blonde wig.

Gottmik, Denali, Rose, Lala Ri, and Symone are safe.

During the judging panel, the judges liked Tina's performance but not her outfit/look, they liked Kandy's outfit interpretation but wanted her to stand out in the challenge, and they loved that Elliott was a strong dancer, but her runway outfit was too simple. The judges thought that Tamisha was too focused and had some fear in her eyes. The judges loved Olivia's runway outfit and her performance during the disco number. The judges think Utica was too camp and that her runway outfit was too conceptual.

During the secret judging panel, they liked Tina's performance, they want Kandy to push herself out of her comfort zone, Elliott killed in during the performance but not the runway, Tamisha was off on everything, they think Olivia was a star, and they think Utica was making a joke out of everything.

Tina is safe. Olivia Lux is the winner of the challenge. Elliott is safe. Utica is safe. The bottom two are Kandy and Tamisha.

The lip-sync song is "Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)" by Blu Cantrell. Kandy is giving lots of emotion and fierce energy while Tamisha is giving emotion.

Kandy Muse wins the lip-sync.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 Episode 6 Quotes

Olivia Lux: May I ask, where did it come from?
Tina Burner: What was that about?
Tamisha Iman: Since we have entered the Werk Room with the girls that all eliminated us, what I have seen and all been discussed…
[Kandy Muse interrupts Tamisha Iman]
Kandy Muse: Even if the other group that was eliminated came back was talking about us, whatever the other girls feel some type of way about me, two of them is already gone and our entire group is still here!
Tamisha Iman: That is what I’m talking about.

[In confessional] Tamisha is honest. She is who she is, and if she has a problem with someone, she’s gonna tell them. Whereas with Kandy, she can dish it, but she has a difficult time taking it and she gets defensive.

Utica Queen