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The queens reenter the Werk Room to read Utica's lipstick message. Symone cleans the mirror and thinks she needs to get out of her head to get to the top. The queens celebrate Kandy Muse winning her first Maxi Challenge and Gottmik doing well at the Roast.

During the next morning, the queens remark being in the Top 5 and the room is almost empty.

The guest judge is Cynthia Erivo.

RuPaul announces the next Maxi Challenge is an acting challenge. The queens have to choose their roles from a select script. Rosé, Gottmik, and Olivia Lux easily settle on their roles, but Symone and Kandy Muse want the same role of Dominique. The queens push Symone to do Marguerita.

Rosé is Brandi, Gottmik is Chardonnay, Olivia Lux is Ginger Ale, Symone is Marguerita, and Kandy Muse is Dominique.

The queens rehearse their lines, but they're having a hard time figuring out what to wear with the roles. They're running out of drag for the challenge. Symone is freaking out because she doesn't have the right clothing to wear on a green screen.

A special video appearance by Scarlett Johansson brightens up the queens. She encourages the queens to embrace their roles, even if they're playing against imaginary CGI monsters. Scarlett's husband Colin Jost asks a guest question for the queens.

During the rehearsals, Symone is second-guessing herself and bringing back the "fac'try" voice. Kandy Muse gets plenty of laughs from screaming out the same line repeatedly.

Olivia Lux asks a bunch of questions during the rehearsals; the queens think she's acting like a diva. In confessional, they think Olivia Lux keeps giving the same happy role. Rosé is having fun and blowing everyone away by her acting.

Gottmik gets plenty of laughs from her outrageous sneeze and getting beaten by a fake cat paw.

During the mirror moment, Symone talks about the pressure of trying to prove herself. She doesn't want her story to be fizzling out before Top 4. Rosé tried to be ultra-perfect so that she wouldn't piss off the fans. Gottmik wants to be a great example for people in their trans journey.

RuPaul's runway dress is a glittery disco purple gown.

The runway category is about pockets! Symone's runway outfit is a denim jumpsuit as a zipper pocket, Olivia Lux is in a silvery pocket box dress, Rosé's dress is a black and white mod dress with pocket designs, Kandy Muse is in a crafty gown, and Gottmik has a flasher trenchcoat with pockets and gold inside.

Everyone views "Henny, I Shrunk the Drag Queens!" movie. The cast does a good job.

During the judging panel, the judges were impressed that Symone proved them wrong in the final cut; they loved her runway outfit. The judges like Olivia Lux's outfit, but the pockets weren't the star; they wished she played a different character type. The judges were blown away by Rosé's acting performance and her runway outfit. The judge wished they could've seen Kandy Muse in a different role type; her villain role was pretty subdued and they don't like her runway outfit. The judges loved Gottmik's runway outfit and her acting performance.

RuPaul asks the queens who should go home and why. Symone chooses Olivia, Olivia has a hard time saying a name (she eventually names Kandy), Rosé votes Olivia, Kandy votes Olivia, and Gottmik votes Olivia.

During the secret judging panel, the judges think Symone had a great night, they wanted Olivia to give more depth and range, Rosé is an absolute professional and let loose, Kandy needed to push herself even further, and the judges liked how refreshing and inventive Gottmik was.

Gottmik is safe. Rosé is the winner of the challenge. Symone is safe. Olivia Lux and Kandy Muse are at the bottom.

The lip-sync song is "Strong Enough" by Cher. Kandy adds plenty of humor and quips at Olivia; she throws glitter into the air. Olivia adds dance moves and a few jokes.

Kandy Muse wins the lip-sync.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 Episode 13 Quotes

Gottmik: RuPaul compared my comedy to Phyllis Diller.
Rose: Down the road, in a few years if there’s a little roast tour, I wanna sit next to you, bitch!

Kandy Muse: Divas! Divas, divas, divas, it’s anyone’s game baby.
Gottmik: Coast-to-coast.
[All the queens cheer and raise hands]
Kandy Muse: And on that note, f*** you, bitches!