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The queens return to the Werk Room to read Denali's lipstick message. They talk about the vote question and how they're feeling afterward. Olivia Lux acts calm and Kandy Muse understands why someone said her name.

The queens compete in a Mini Challenge answering trivia questions about Drag Race. The Pit Crew returns for the video questions. Kandy Muse wins the challenge.

The Maxi Challenge is a branding challenge. The queens must create and brand their own soft drink. The queens have to create a commercial and a catchy jingle.

Tina Burner wants to have her drink be a burning/flame theme. She's developed an elaborate commercial, but Olivia Lux thinks it will take too long.

Rosé thinks her drink will playoff on her trying to be a perfectionist. Utica wants her can to be lickable with many flavors. In confessional, Symone thinks Utica likes being wild and out there, but she doesn't believe in it.

Gottmik wants her brand to be about being delusionally good. Gottmik is feeling confused about the order of her storyboard.

Jaida Essence Hall, the winner of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 12, chats with the queens via livestream. She gives the queens a pep talk on getting their heads in the game.

During the rehearsals, Tina Burner stumbles over a new line direction. Rosé heightens the humor with her commercial. Olivia wants her branding to be positive and happy; she needs some direction from Ross and Carson before getting it right. Symone wants her branding about letting loose; Ross and Carson love her.

Utica utilizes a giant cow as part of her branding; she drops the can on the floor.  Kandy gets a few laughs and rushes to get all her scenes. Gottmik goes for a comedic spin with sexiness. Ross and Carson are confused about Gottmik's commercial concept.

During the mirror moments prep, the queens talk about their branding. Tina Burner and Rosé throw some passive-aggressive quips at each other; Rosé thinks she's funnier than Tina. Kandy Muse talks about being gay-bashed and having her arm broken by kids in school.

The runway theme is "Beast Couture."

On the runway, Utica wears a long fur dress inspired by Maleficent, Kandy Muse is in an alien green bodysuit, Tina Burner is a creepy furry doll, Symone is a foxy lady, Gottmik is a monster cartoon in a sexy editorial way, Olivia Lux is a monster under the bed, and Rosé is a sexy red demon of the woods.

Utica's commercial didn't make any sense and the judges didn't get her brand/drink. The judges like her outfit, but they're not blown away. Kandy Muse's commercial is funny and plays off her meme. Her runway outfit makes no sense and the judges are baffled in a fun way. The judges like Tina Burner's runway, but they don't think she's elevating her brand.

Symone's commercial gets plenty of laughs. The judges loved her branding and her runway outfit. For Gottmik, the judges loved her runway outfit, but they think her commercial needed to show more of the irony. The judges can't remember her drink's name. Olivia Lux's commercial was too happy in the wrong places and not a strong concept, but they love her runway outfit. Rosé's commercial was funny and the judges loved her commercial; the judges loved her runway outfit.

During the secret judging panel, the judges thought Utica was too quirky and confusing, Kandy's commercial was a hit while her dress was a miss, Tina Burner tried too hard and failed, Symone's commercial and her runway was a hit, Gottmik had a strong runway and a weak commercial, Olivia Lux didn't properly structure the commercial, and Rosé was a hit in her commercial/runway.

Kandy Muse is safe. Symone and Rosé are the winners of the challenge. Olivia Lux is safe. Gottmik is safe. Tina Burner and Utica are at the bottom.

The lip-sync song is "My Humps" by the Black Eyed Peas. Tina does a lot of dance moves and adds humor while Utica goes for a quirky and weird number.

Utica wins the lip-sync. The queens in the back are shocked.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 Episode 11 Quotes

Tina Burner: I’m ready for it to be Top 4. Let’s just keep going. Let’s keep going!
Rosé: Yeah, you’ll have fun watching it!
[All the queens laugh]
Kandy Muse: Shady!
Tina Burner: Yeah, it’s gonna be real cute when I sneak right by you, sis. Gonna realllll cute!
Kandy Muse: She’s gonna sneak right by you at the airport on the way home!
[All the queens laugh harder]

I know my Drag Race trivia, but when you put beautiful men in front of me, everything goes out the window, Honey.

Olivia Lux