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The queens regroup after the double shantay. Kandy Muse is shocked after nearly getting eliminated and being saved at the last minute.

Tina Burner is upset that she let the judges down. In confessional, Denali is happy that the bottom three were three queens from the winner's circle group.

TS Madison is the guest judge.

The Mini Challenge is a rock-themed lip-sync where the queens get dressed in rocker wear and lip-sync to RuPaul's song. The Pit Crew returns as the band members. Tina Burner wins the Mini Challenge.

RuPaul reveals the Maxi Challenge is the Snatch Game!

Kandy Muse is Patrick Starr. Denali is Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye. Utica Queen is Bob Ross; Utica's wig is made out of squirrels. Gottmik is Paris Hilton. Rosé is Mary, Queen of Scots.

Elliott with 2 Ts is Rue McClanahan. In confessional, Kandy Muse warns anyone from doing Golden Girls. RuPaul warns Elliott that he'll be very critical when it comes to a Golden Girl impersonation.

Symone is Harriet Tubman. RuPaul cautions Symone that it might offend some people in this impersonation. When it comes to Utica, RuPaul is confused why she would wear a wig of squirrels or portray a calming ASMR-type persona like Bob Ross. Utica is confident they can make it work and be funny.

Tina Burner is Richard Simmons. RuPaul roasts Tina about her Jennifer Coolidge in her audition tape. In confessional, Kandy thinks Tina is too much in her head.

Olivia Lux is Tabitha Brown, a social media chef and lifestyle coach. RuPaul doesn't know who Tabitha Brown is.

The special guests for the Snatch Game are Raven and Victoria "Porkchop" Parker.

During the Snatch Game, Gottmik shines as her Paris Hilton. Denali, Rosé, and Tina Burner get laughs too. Kandy Muse's role as Patrick Starr is funny, but it's much like her personality; the same goes for Symone. Utica Queen, Olivia Lux, and Elliott with 2 Ts stumble a lot.

During the next day, the queens are shocked at the delusions from some of the queens. Denali is shocked that Utica loved her performance; Olivia Lux is upset that Utica thinks she's upset when Utica told Olivia she liked her performance.

Elliott with 2 Ts reveals in her mirror moment that her grandfather came in a walker to watch her show. Rosé's dad cried during her show. Denali's parents don't acknowledge her drag.

The runway is "Fascinating Fascinator."

For the runway, Olivia Lux is a mad scient with a metallic fascinator, Rosé is in a rose dress and rose fascinator, Utica is a picnic outfit with a picnic basket fascinator, Symone is a white candle (her outfit is a protest statement), Gottmik is in punk outfit with a large safety pin fascinator, Denali is a diner waitress on roller stakes with a coffee mug fascinator, Elliott with 2 Ts is in a feathery flamingo dress with a feather fascinator, Tina Burner is a horse outfit with a horse head fascinator, and Kandy Muse is a checkered dress with a MUSE fascinator.

Symone, Tina Burner, and Kandy Muse are safe.

During the judging panel, the judges love her outfit since it's different than her, but her Snatch Game was too understated. They love Rosé's runway outfit and her Snatch Game performance. The judges love Utica's runway outfit, but they didn't like her Snatch Game. Denali's outfit felt costume, but it worked overall; they loved her Snatch Game performance. The judges loved everything about Gottmik's runway and her Snatch Game. The judges like Elliott's runway, but her Snatch Game didn't match the character.

During the secret judging, Olivia's Snatch Game was a big letdown, Rosé had a great night overall, Utica bombed as Bob Ross, Denali shined during Snatch Game, Gottmik dominated overall, and Elliott didn't give enough during Snatch Game.

Gottmik is the winner. Rosé, Denali, and Olivia Lux are safe. Elliott and Utica are at the bottom.

The lip-sync song is "Fascinated" by Company B. Utica is using every bit of the stage while Elliott is trying to dance around her.

Utica Queen wins the lip-sync.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 Episode 9 Quotes

Elliott with 2 Ts: Kandy, how do you feel?
Kandy Muse: Being in the bottom two is one thing. Being told “sashay away,” saying your goodbyes, turning around seeing the whole cast is the most gut-wrenching feeling ever.

The winner’s circle is dead. But between us, baby, the winner’s circle was never a thing because I was not part of it, and I guarantee you that I’m gonna f****** make it to the Top 4. Bitches beware!