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The queens return to the Werk Room and celebrate Lady Camden winning. They also celebrate that a majority of the queens were at the top and no one went home. Daya Betty is feeling electric over being at the Top 2.

Willow Pill theorizes that there will be a challenge where everyone will bomb.

Jasmine Kennedie wishes she was at the top, but she tells DeJa Skye and Jorgeous that she wouldn't have won due to the emotions of coming out as trans.

Alec Mapa is the guest judge.

During the next day, RuPaul reveals the next Mini Challenge is the iconic "Reading is Fundamental" challenge. The queens read each other to filth with quips.

Bosco wins the Mini Challenge.

RuPaul reveals the Maxi Challenge is a girl group challenge. The queens will be broken up into 60s-inspired girl groups; they'll have to choreograph themselves and write their own verses. The queens will make their own groups.

The queens bicker over the different songs and group options. Daya Betty stands her ground and refuses to move; the rest of the queens refuse to move. DeJa Skye decides to switch songs.

Bosco, Daya Betty, and Willow are Group 1. Jasmine Kennedie, DeJa Skye, and Jorgeous are Group 2. Kerri Colby, Angeria Paris VanMichaels, and Lady Camden are Group 3.

The Werk Room goes silent when they realize Jasmine can't sing.

Michelle Visage is running the rehearsals and song record. Group 2 is The Rupremes. Angeria has done impersonations of Diana Ross, so her group feels confident. Kerri has trouble with her recording since she's having trouble matching the tone.

Group 1 is The Shang-Ru-Las. Bosco and Daya Betty get laughs with their recording. Group 3 is The Runettes; none of the queens are singers. Jorgeous has a lot of trouble singing and matching the right tone.

The groups start practicing their dance routine. DeJa tries to instruct her group, but Jasmine and Jorgeous get frustrated with her. The Shang-Ru-Las have a great practice; Willow surprises everyone with her rhythm. Lady Camden tries to teach her group, but Angeria isn't a dancer and Kerri can remember her steps.

During the next day, the queens talk about their favorite girl groups. Lady Camden talks about her love for The Spice Girls. Kerri talks about how her parents kept her restricted from all popular music.

Daya Betty confronts Jasmine about her read. Jasmine reveals it was about comments that Daya said in Untucked. A few cutting barbs are thrown back and forth between them.

On the runway, RuPaul walks out in a gold fringe dress.

The runway category is "Heart-R."

The queens perform their girl group songs to the judges.

On the runway, Willow Pill wears a Borat-inspired silhouette with lots of thongs, Daya Betty is wearing a cyberpunk-inspired neon outfit, Bosco is a vampire mistress in all white with her butt revealed, DeJa is an anime superhero with latex red/white dress, Jorgeous wears a large feathery heart and lingerie red outfit, Jasmine Kennedie wears a red Aphrodite-inspired gown, Angeria wears a 60s mod black and white look, Kerri is in a demonic net dress, and Lady Camden is a cupid with a large broken heart.

Willow Pill, Bosco, and Jorgeous are safe.

During the judging panel, the judges loved Daya's performance and her runway, DeJa surprised them with her singing and she had a good runway, Jasmine was too much in her head during the performance, the judges loved Angeria's performance and runway, Kerri was too gospel with her performance and they don't like her runway, and they loved Lady Camden's runway but thought she was too shy in the performance.

During the secret judging panel, the judges think Daya came to play, that DeJa is adapting to the competition, Jasmine got too stuck in her head, Angeria knew how to be her character, Kerri made some bad choices in her performance and runway, and Lady Camden got lost in her performance and runway.

Daya Betty is the winner of the Maxi Challenge. Angeria and DeJa are safe. Lady Camden is safe. Jasmine Kennedie and Kerri Colby are at the bottom.

The lip-sync song is "Un-Break My Heart (Remix)" by Toni Braxton. Both queens go for an emotional performance. Jasmine does a split, but she loses her shoe early in the performance.

Jasmine Kennedie wins the lip-sync.

Kerri's candy bar is only a chocolate bar. She is eliminated.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 14 Episode 8 Quotes

I was walking around backstage and actually found RuPaul’s will. You have some very weird criteria in there. She wanted to be buried on the catwalk, and she walked all of you to be her pallbearers. That way you could let her down on the runway one last time.


Jasmine Kennedie, why do you look so old but you are so young? You are the definition of “white do crack.”