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The queens return to the Werk Room to read Orion Story's lipstick message.

Bosco is happy that she won and Lady Camden is happy she got praise. Daya Betty is adamant that she's not bitter about not being at the top.

During the next day, RuPaul unveils that the next Maxi Challenge is a design challenge. The queens will have to create an outfit from leftover shipments from Michelle Visage's Glamazon Prime orders.

The queens attack the boxes in search of materials. Jasmine Kennedie hoards many boxes because she wants to win this challenge and get redemption. Willow Pill is having a hard time opening the boxes; she's pulling from the leftover scraps.

Daya Betty wants to do a babydoll outfit. Willow Pill is considering doing a babydoll as well. Daya Betty is teasing that she better not see Willow out in a babydoll dress.

The queens are having a hard time figuring out what to do with the materials. Jasmine Kennedie has high expectations for creating an outfit; the others think she's over-thinking the outfit.

Maddy Morphosis acknowledges that she's not the best at designing outfits or have a fashion touch. The others are worried about her.

During the walkthrough, Carson Kressely tells Jorgeous that she needs to elevate her materials and fix the bust of her outfits. Kerri Colby talks about her fear of rejection and restraining herself in her personality/habits.

Carson and RuPaul are confused by Maddy's outfit idea; they think she needs to step it up and push herself. Angeria Paris VanMichaels chose materials that are stiff and don't work well; Carson and RuPaul are worried for her. Lady Camden is given advice that she needs to push herself over the line to win a challenge.

Carson and RuPaul tell Jasmine that she needs to edit her dress down because she doesn't have a lot of time. Willow Pill has a concept involving extended arms, but she can't figure out what she wants to do for the rest of her look. Daya Betty asks Carson and RuPaul for advice about how to improve; they tell her to change her makeup to not look like Crystal Methyd.

The guest judge is Taraji P. Henson.

Kerri laughs over Angeria not knowing about glamorous things. Daya is upset that people constantly compare her to Crystal Methyd.

Jorgeous' original purple dress sheds; she decides that she can't wear the look. Angeria gives her a new fabric to create a new look.

During the mirror moment, Lady Camden says she'll create the big lips that RuPaul asked. Kerri, Angeria, and Jasmine think that Willow and DeJa might be in trouble with their looks. DeJa Skye's look is a Greek goddess; in confessional, Bosco is shocked that DeJa isn't showing off her body.

Kerri reveals that her father demanded her to leave the room whenever she walked in. Jasmine reveals her father hated her doing drag; she was outed at 15 years old. It took her father's girlfriend to accept them as a drag performer. Maddy reveals their mother disappeared after her high school graduation.

RuPaul walks out in a sequin pink mini-dress.

Category is "Glamazon Primetime." Lady Camden walks out in a fringe blue/pink angle with wings, Jasmine Kennedie wears a sexy seethrough red flowy canopy dress, Daya Betty is a kooky yellow babydoll with a striped hand puppet, Maddy wears a color-blocked dress with a blow-up doll, Willow Pill is a brown velvety demon with long arms, Bosco is in a blue jumpsuit with orange spiky necklace, DeJa Skye is in a pink and white Aphrodite-inspired dress, Angeria is in a little black dress with large shoulder fans, Jorgeous is in a sexy mini dress with a tropical print and yellow stars, and Kerri Colby is in a glittery blue corset with a mop fringe.

Daya Betty, Willow Pill, Bosco, and Kerri Colby are safe.

During the judges panel, the judges loved Lady Camden's runway and her new lip, they think Jasmine needed to edit parts of her look (hate and earrings), they don't understand Maddy's look, they think DeJa's headpiece and fan take away from her outfit, they loved Angeria's runway, and they loved Jorgeous' simple outfit.

During the secret panel, Lady Camden has been getting stronger, Jasmine needs to understand what works for her, Maddy didn't have an idea for what her outfit should look like, DeJa had a gorgeou outfit without the accessories, Angeria proved yet again that she's a threat, and Jorgeous had a strong edited dress.

Angeria and Lady Camden are safe. Jorgeous is the winner of the Maxi Challenge. DeJa Skye is safe. Jasmine Kennedie and Maddy Morphosis are at the bottom.

A flashback is shown of Maddy and Jasmine arguing in Untucked.

The lip-sync song is "Suga Mama" by Beyonce. Maddy goes for a comedic performance while Jasmine goes for a sexy number with lots of attitude and moves.

Jasmine Kennedie wins the lip-sync.

Maddy's candy bar is just chocolate. Maddy is eliminated.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 14 Episode 6 Quotes

DeJa Skye: Daya, you were a little bit disappointed with being safe in Untucked.
Daya Betty: Oh, I wasn’t disappointed. Don’t twist my words, bitch.
Maddy Morphosis: Ohhhhh.

[In confessional] Have y’all ever, like, went to a Christmas party at your step-parents? And you thought you were getting something great, like you were like “Oh my God, they’re gonna spoil me so much because like I’m new to the family.” And then you open the box and then it’s socks. And then it’s also deodorant. And the most expensive gift up in there is a sonic toothbrush, bitch, and you can’t even resell it because they scratched out the resell label because they want you to use it. That’s how it feels. It feels like Christmas gone wrong.

Kerri Colby