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The queens return to the Werk Room after no one went home. Bosco is ecstatic that she had the golden chocolate bar. The queens talk about how no one went home.

Bosco apologizes to Lady Camden for her comments.

For the next day, RuPaul reveals that the president of Anastasia Beverly Hills will be the judge during the Mini Challenge. The queens have to recreate and paint a mural featuring Dolly Parton and RuPaul.

DeJa Skye, Jorgeous, and Angeria Paris VanMichaels are Team #1 (RuPaul). Lady Camden, Willow Pill, Bosco, and Daya Betty are Team #2 (Dolly Parton).

Team #2 wins the Mini Challenge.

RuPaul reveals that the Maxi Challenge is the Roast challenge. The queens will be roasting Ross Mathews. For winning the Mini Challenge, Team #2 gets to assign the order of the Roast.

Bosco offers to open up the Roast. Jorgeous is second, Willow is third, Angeria is fourth, Daya is fifth, DeJa is sixth, and Lady Camden is last. The queens decided to play fair and give all the queens what they wanted.

Jorgeous is very worried about landing any jokes. Daya and DeJa also fail to create any funny jokes during their practice.

The queens practice their jokes in front of Michelle Visage and the guest judge of the week. They tell Bosco she needs to come out guns blazing after last week.

Willow rambles over her words, Angeria gets some giggles, and Daya gets some laughs. DeJa doesn't impress with her dad jokes. Lady Camden gets some quick laughs. Jorgeous bombs during her practice; she barely has any jokes.

During the next day, the queens get ready at the mirror. Jorgeous isn't confident about how she'll performing; she thinks she'll be lip-syncing again. Lady Camden is exuding confidence.

On the runway, RuPaul is wearing a flowy taftan. Dulce Sloan is the guest judge.

The queens take part in the Roast of Ross Mathews. Bosco gets plenty of laughs opening up the show. Jorgeous gets some laughs, but she stumbles over her words and has awkward pauses.

Willow gets some laughs and Angeria has some savage reads. Daya takes too long to get to her jokes. DeJa bombs all of her jokes. Lady Camden gets laughs during her Roast.

The runway category is "Tutu Much." Bosco wears a bloody buzzsaw tutu dress, Jorgeous wears a blue tutu dress with a leather jacket and hat, Willow wears a Versace/Cruella de Vil-inspired flowy black gown, Angeria wears a layered lime tutu gown, Daya wears a Marie Antoinette-inspired tutu gown with very high heels, DeJa wears a flowy pastel 50s dress, and Lady Camden wears a diamond-encrusted ballerina tutu.

During the judges panel, they think Bosco dominated this week, Jorgeous struggled during the Roast and didn't have a good time, Willow looked beautiful and had a good number, they love Angeria's runway but were mixed on her performance, they liked Daya's runway but her Roast got lost, they didn't think DeJa listened to their feedback, and Lady Camden had a good performance but her runway was much better.

During the secret panel, Bosco slayed the week, Jorgeous was defeated in energy, Willow had a good week, Angeria had great confidence, Daya ruined her chances early on, DeJa didn't deliver this week, and Lady Camden had a strong performance.

Lady Camden is safe. Bosco is the winner of the Maxi Challenge. Willow Pill is safe. Angeria Paris VanMichaels is safe. Daya Betty, Jorgeous, and DeJa Skye are at the bottom. All three must lip-sync for their lives; two queens will be eliminated.

The lip-sync song is "Good 4 U" by Olivia Rodrigo. All three go for an emotional lip-sync that focuses on saying the words and showcasing the pissed off energy.

Daya Betty wins the lip-sync. DeJa Skye and Jorgeous are eliminated.

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I got the golden chocolate bar!


[In confessional] I was kinda unhappy when Bosco gets immunity because… what else is gonna get these bitches out of here, you know? It’s frustrating. This is a lot. It’s a lot.