Loosey Lost For Words - RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 Episode 4
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The queens returned to the Werk Room to read Princess Poppy's lipstick message. Amethyst is surprised that she survived; losing in a comedy challenge has thrown her.

A debate goes up between Luxx Noir London and Loosey LaDuca about who got second place during the previous week's challenge.

Amandla Stenberg is the guest judge.

The queens return to the Werk Room. Spice makes a playful shady joke to Amethyst. Mistress Isabelle Brooks came up with the joke.

RuPaul arrives and reveals that the week's Maxi Challenge is the Snatch Game. The queens will be split into two groups where they will have to perform celebrity impersonations.

Luxx is Amanda Lepore. Loosey is gonna be Joan Rivers. Spice wants to be Miley Cyrus. Sugar is gonna be Trisha Paytas. Sugar knows it's a risk, but she wants to win Snatch Game.

Aura Mayari is Bretman Rock. Mistress is Rosie O'Donnel. Malaysia is Saucy Santana. Salina EsTitties is the Virgin Mary. Salina is nervous about what might happen.

Team 1 features the Pit Crew members Bruno and Calex as the two guest players.

Marcia Marcia Marcia is Tim Gunn. Anetra is Gorgina Ramsey, a gender-bend version of Gordon Ramsey. Robin Fierce is Karen Huger.

During the first Snatch Game, Marcia and Mistress get early laughs. Salina tries a joke to reveal herself as pregnant.

Mistress is dominating with most of the jokes. The group isn't impressed with Salina's jokes.

Team 2 features the Pit Crew members Bryce and Asaf as the two guest players.

Sasha Colby is Jan Crouch. Jax is the Mona Lisa. Amethyst is the Tan Mom.

Loosey gets plenty of laughs as Joan Rivers. Aura bombs with her jokes. Jax gets a laugh as the Mona Lisa.

Sugar and Spice bomb a retort where they try to play off each other. The rest of the queens and RuPaul look unimpressed. Spice bombs another joke that gets no laughs. Aura bombs another joke.

During the next day, the queens get ready for the runway. Loosey talks about hearing her teachers in elementary school call her the "F" word.

The runway category is "Beautiful Nightmare." Marcia dresses as a child-like nightmare dentist, Lux is a drowned demonic bride dragging a brick, Malaysia is a dead showgirl with large feathers, Mistress is glamor spider with white webs over her, Anetra is in a skin-tight latex black widow dress, Salina is a zombie dressed in skin fabric, Robin is in a black widow tutu gown, Loosey is dressed as Jason Voorhees in a glamor gown, Sasha is a glamor witch with a see-through gown, Jax is a Medusa-themed gown, Sugar is a creepy pink porcelain doll, Spice is a dead maid doll, Amethyst is a bloody Lady Gaga, and Aura is in a black gown with her back ripped out.

Luxx, Malaysia, Anetra, Robin, Salina, Sasha, Jax, and Amethyst are saved.

During the judging panel, the judges thought Marcia's impersonation was a lot of fun but they were not a fan of her runway, Mistress's Snatch Game was a lot of fun and they loved her runway makeup, Loosey's Snatch Game was incredible and her runway was chic, Sugar didn't include food during her performance and didn't read the room, Spice didn't get any laughs with her Miley performance, and the judges loved Aura's runway but her Snatch Game fell flat.

Marcia is safe. Mistress is safe. Loosey is the winner of the Maxi Challenge. Aura is safe. Sugar and Spice are at the bottom.

The lip-sync song is "You Better Run" by Pat Benatar. The twins decide to do a rehearsed routine of lip-syncing together with canned jokes. Sugar falls a few times due to her shoes.

Spice wins the lip-sync.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 Episode 4 Quotes

Now Amethyst, I’m curious. Do you play baseball? Because you know, three strikes and you’re out!
[Everyone is shocked and laughing]


This season’s Snatch Game is going to be longer, thicker, and juicier than ever before!