Rush Season 1

"Bitter Sweet Symphony"

Rush is haunted by the ghosts of his past while he tries to make changes for Sarah.

"Dirty Work"

Sarah's hopeto find a sperm donor complicates things with Rush while Alex attempts to control the fallout with his wife.

"Get Lucky"

Alex gets in deeper and Rush finds out his ex-girlfriend has made some drastic changes on Rush.

"Because I Got High"

Alex gets a taste of Rush's lifestyle and a rock star client introduces Rush to a new hallucinongen.

"You Spin Me Round"

Rush plans a weekend with Alex not realizeing that his ex-wife and her new boyfriend will also be in attendance on Rush.

"Where Is My Mind"

Eve takes control of an important case while Rush buries himself in his work to relieve his anxiety.

"We Are Family"

Alex's marriage is strained due to his relationship with Rush who's lunch with his stepmother leads to something unexpected on Rush.

"Learning to Fly"

Dr. Rush handles a new medical emergency and reaches out to his estranged father on Rush.

"Don't Ask Me Why"

William P. Rush is a discreet medical fixer to the elite of Los Angeles in the series premiere of Rush.

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