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On the season finale of Salem, Mary makes a decision, unaware that Increase has discovered who rules the coven.

Alden discovers Mary's secret, but he's totally hip with it. He suggests they ride out and take their second chance. He talks about the peace in their hearts if they should find it together.

Mary promises Alden they shall leave together and she'll return to him before the moon rises above the trees.

Mary runs into Mercy in the woods. Mercy is delivering a tribute to Mary by way of bloody appendages. Mary tells Mercy it was never her intent to harm Mercy, but it's difficult to believe her. Mercy doesn't, calls Mary a liar and disappears.

Isaac goes to Cotton, who is reveling in his pity at the stipulations put onto him by his father to welcome him back into his flock. Isaac tells Cotton of Alden's fate and asks if he will say goodbye. Cotton is not sure he can since so much blame lies with him.

Hale returns home from a shopping trip with everything the family needs for at least a week. He hands Anne a chicken and as she whispers that there is nothing to be afraid of to the bird, Hale rips its head off, showering the walls in its blood.

Mary goes to the cauldron witches declaring no more will die. She threatens to deal with them as she dealt with Rose if they don't allow her to leave Salem. They say she's the one they created to be the chosen one. Mary disagrees. She's determined to be free.

Cotton goes to see Alden to find him gone. He thinks Increase has taken him without a trial. Instead Increase admits Alden is no witch, but is in love with one, one he intends to see hang tonight.

Hale is still readying his family. Anne is pissed. He tells of the plague coming to Salem. Anne thinks she'll soon die because Cotton could not find the mark of the witch. Hale suggests Anne try to remember the hidden room they are in and she picks up a ballerina. Hale had to take away her memories until she was ready for them, and she makes the ballerina dance.

Mary prepares to leave. Tituba arrives and Mary calls her a traitor. Tituba throws the accusation back at Mary. She won't let Mary leave. Tituba talks of the baby Mary gave up and shows her a shock of hair. Her child lives, for now, depending upon seeing the Grand Rite through.

Isaac is helping Mary. She gives him a fortune for helping her. He is to deliver the Malum and she wants him to keep going afterward. On his way out of town, Mary wants him to deliver a letter to Cotton. Isaac worries he will never see Mary again. She agrees he will not. Mary and Alden were the closest things to friends he ever had. Mary wants him to buy news horses and new friends. The moon is going up over the trees, and she knows she must move.

Alden looks at the two pieces of the coin that Mary fused back together and notices the moon has risen over the trees. He prepares to leave, but hears screams and dogs and begins to run.

Mary breathes at Increase to announce her presence. He calls her a witch.

Isaac delivers the letter to Cotton.

Mary and Increase battle with words and weapons. She promises that what's happening will end right here, right now in this room.

Alden is surrounded by militiamen at rifle point.

Isaac convinces himself he has done the right thing, taking a load off of Mary's hand. He is to put the Malum into the old tree, but he freaks out and doesn't do what he's been told.

Increase attacks Mary and she gives it all back. She shackles herself into a chair just as Cotton arrives. Increase thinks Mary is a phantasm or specter and backhands Mary on the face. She cries and as Increase aims to kill Mary, Cotton guts his father with a sword. Cotton, also in tears, holds his dying father in his arms. Mary keeps up the pretense and Cotton releases her.

Mary convinces Cotton to keep quiet about what he has done so that he doesn't sully the Mather name. Cotton must go to Boston immediately. He leaves and Mary turns on Increase's body.

Isaac is digging a hole and tries to put the Malum into it, but it shakes in his hand as if alive.

Mary whisks Increase to the woods and finishes him off. The Malum opens in Isaac's hands, revealing a metal acorn. Isaac opens it as the sky turns red and inside is a tiny, beating heart. Blood spatters his face.

Inside the Hale's room, the apple rots. He knows the Grand Rite has begun. Anne is shocked and angry that Mary is behind all of this. Anne is pissed that they are inside the room, safe, while their friends and neighbors perish. She demands her father open the door. When he says only blood will open the door, she takes a knife, intending to pour her own on the door. Hale whacks her across the face. Anne turns around. She is not like Hale. She screams and her opens the ceiling and blasts the top of her mother's head off. A wooden stake flies across the room and through Hale's forehead.

Alden is being hung when the Indians shoot down his noose. Once again, the militia is massacred while Alden picks up a hatchet and helps. A shotgun blasts through Alden's heart and he appears to die.

Mary is talking to Increase, happy the dogs are on their way to eat what's left of him. Tituba is proud of Mary.

Mercy has raised an army. She tells her children that she is the one who beheaded the rose, but Mary is unaware of it. Beheading the rose makes Mercy the true queen of the night.

Anne stands covered in her parents blood. Cotton rides out of town. Alden, lifeless, is carried by the Indians. Isaac is frothing at the mouth on the ground and Mary is taken to the cauldron witches where she is reunited with her little boy.

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Salem Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Mary: This is my vow. I will meet you here, before the moon goes above those trees. I swear it.
Alden: OK. But if the moon goes, then I go. With or without you.
Mary: [kisses Alden] I shall be back.

You know, my father said this was the land of second chances. This can be ours. All we have to do is walk away.