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An old foe of Alden's arrives in Salem, but he makes it clear he will not be crossed.

Cotton thinks he is successfully banishing evil from Salem, but Mary assures him he's wrong.

Mercy's father tries to rid her of her demons. When he cuts her belly, a snake slithers out.

Mary has a plan for another friend of George's to be accused of witchcraft by Mercy. Upon hearing the news, George pokes himself with the knitting needle.

Alden is at the cemetery and Anne sees him. He's remembering his parents. Anne tells him about the doll, seeing his father enter and removing the doll. She starts to tell him her concerns about her father, but Magistrate Hale steps in.

Alden tells Cotton that he believes Anne the victim of a spell and he can no longer discount witches.

Cotton doesn't like when a man is hitting on Gabriella, and Alden recognizes the man, but tells Cotton he has never seen him before.

Mercy is walking with her father in the square, and Mary tries to force her to poiint out the blacksmith as a witch. Without the snake, Mercy has enough fortitude to fight back and she doesn't comply with Mary's wishes.

Hale tells Mary that John Alden is suspicious of him. Rose suggests he try to earn his trust.

Mary goes to Cotton and accuses him of allowing demons to possess Mercy. She uses his father against him.

Hale wants to throw a reception for Alden as the new Selectmen.

The stranger, Captain Hook, Alden wants out of town says that Alden isn't the man nor war hero he purports to be.

Mary leaves for the reception without feeding George's toad. He continues stabbing himself and is using the blood to write a note.

Hale got Anne a necklace and filled it with Valerian root, which apparently turns off witches as it burns Mary when she touches it.

Mary thinks Anne lusts for John Alden.

Cotton delivers news to Mary -- Mercy is free of her possessor.

Mary makes Cotton feel a fool for allowing a Catholic to take away Mercy's demon.

Alden uses his Selectsmen speech to suggest that perhaps the witches are among them, but he hopes not, since he's now one of them.

Glorianna confronts Cotton in his church with his jealousy. She taunts him until he rapes her in the house of the Lord, throwing money at her side like the common whore she is acting to be.

Hook goes to George to get permission to board his ship for his cargo and George gives him the note -- it says Witch.

Hale tries to salvage his trust with Alden. In doing so, he makes matters worse and Alden calls bullshit.

The parcel Hook will retrieve belongs to Rose. She is worried that Hook spoke her name. He did not. He speaks again of John Alden's true nature, of which she doesn't want to know.

Mary appears to Mercy as the demon and says everyone pities her and they will only fear her if she takes in the familiar again.

Tituba goes to Alden to tell him Mary is trouble. She says Hook threatened to spread news of an affair to gain access to her ship to rob her. It works.

Hale tries to talk Anne out of liking John Alden by suggesting Mary will never let him go.

Alden confronts Hook on Sibley's ship.

Hook suggests Alden killed innocent blood and wonders what others would think about his actions. Alden kills Hook so the package isn't delivered to Rose. Alden opens it and discovers a box.

Mary and John share a talk about what went wrong.

Mary looks into the mirror and sees a vision of Mercy holding her familiar, covered in blood. She says, "I know what you are."

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Salem Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Tituba: What's happened?
Mercy: We've lost control. She's no longer ours.

Who among us is unburdened by shame or secrets that we hide from the world?