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Alden and Cotton decide to interrogate Rose and it's done under Saturn as it's stationed direct. Cotton is drunk and using dog piss and herbs to create a powerful paralytic.

Rose seems decidedly like a demon while she's being held by Cotton and Alden. She even uses the voice of Alden's mother, taunting him that she is in Hell as the devil's whore and she loves it there.

Mercy is eating good food like an animal in Mary's house. Tituba wants her dead, but Mary has other plans.

Cotton wants to get a look at Rose's brain because he thinks the devil changes people physically. Perhaps some region of her brain is abnormally large.

Mary shaves George while Mercy watches. She's teaching her. Tituba is jealous. Mary talks of teaching Mercy to read one day because her God doesn't think it's wrong that women know of it. She tells Mercy the story of her rise.

The story of the evil king sending the prince to his death. A fairy came to her in the night and promised that all would be hers if she would give up the last of her love for the prince.

Rose was a servant for George Sibley, admitting Mary to into his house. She watched as Hale poisoned Sibley's wife, clearing the way for "the Ash Maiden" to become queen.

As Mary told her story, she considered slitting Mercy's throat as she lay on her lap.

Mary lived with George for two years before she begged to be returned to her old life. Rose tells Mary that she who controls Salem controls the world, tears streaming down her face. She embraced her role as queen and all that came with it. It was that night that Mary played coy and invited Tituba to join her while pleasuring George and jammed the familiar down his throat. He said he liked games...

Mary transports she and Mercy from her bedroom to the woods. Mercy says she never accused Mary of being a witch and never would. Holding the razor in her hands, she says she certainly won't.

Mercy races past the seer with Mary in pursuit.

Alden and Cotton are in the woods with Rose, preparing to find the position directly beneath Saturn so they can have their one moment to ask questions and get answers.

Cotton has brought a sword to aid in killing Rose when it becomes necessary. He fenced a little in school. The most fearsome in all the divinity class.

Tituba pays a visit to Hale.

Mrs. Hale calls business busyness and it seems really appropriate.

Instead of killing Mercy, Mary uses the razor to strip her naked. She goads Mercy into telling the demon that this is what she wants, just as Mary herself did in the woods seven years earlier. She tells Mercy all the world shall be hers.

In the woods, Cotton and Alden prepare to suspend Rose under Saturn. With just a minute to spare they stumble across what looks like a parallel bar and the paralytic wears off. Rose cackles, asks for more and tells them the darkness will eat them.

Cotton is shocked to learn the Grand Rite requires the sacrifice of innocents and he believes the rite hasn't begun because there have been no innocent, unexplained deaths. Before he can truly understand what it means, Rose gains control, climbs backward up a tree like a crab and spills her blood in a shower over the two men, chanting a spell. From the ground the dead rise pulling Cotton and Alden in with them.

Mary finds Rose in the woods and talks about how much she taught her so much. So why did she bring the Malam to Salem without Mary's knowledge? Rose says true malice must ferment in a loveless heart and Mary loves John Alden. She has planned every step -- including planting the seed that initially sent Alden away so Mary could assume her rightful place. She says she even knows Mary brought Mercy to the woods to kill her. She continues, telling Mary she allowed herself to be captured to find out once and for all what is in Alden's heart -- he still loves Mary and always will. Rose needs Mary's heart broken.

Rose brags that she saved Salem money and time by killing them so near the crag. Mary introduces her to their newest sister and Mercy slices Rose's head off.

Whether Alden and Cotton successfully beat the dead away or the disappeared at the death of Rose is uncertain, but they are free.

They think Rose spoke only in riddles and Cotton says he must think on it and think again to put together the puzzle. The two talk of what they admire of each other.

Mary comes across the bloodied twosome and Cotton says they were just tracking the retrograde movement of Saturn.

Tituba tells Mercy the lady of the house is her lady and she best remember that.

Mary tells Tituba that she looked into Mercy's eyes and saw herself staring back. She cannot point at Mary and say witch when she is one herself.

Mary compares men to breakable rock and women to malleable water. She remembers when she is hurt what water does. It flows and is far stronger than the rock. She tells Mercy she knows what she endured that night and gives to her a golden fingertip. She will never face hell again -- alone.

Anne is in bed and sees someone walk past her door. She goes out to investigate. Father? No. It is an empty cape with a face mask. Mr\s. Hale tells Anne to come. It is time they talk about her father.

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Salem Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Come on down boys, the darkness is waiting for you!


A witch suspended beneath Saturn as its stationed direct exhaulted in its own house cannot lie. Reputable sources say it's why Odysseus himself dallied so long on Circe's island.