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Mary is angry someone got to her in her own home, in her own bathtub. Now she knows how it feels. She's still looking to the hive for who may be doing her harm. Tituba thinks Mary needs to look at Anne Hale now how she should have once looked at Mercy. 

Tituba discovers Petra dead in the woods and digs his eyeballs out with a knife. Disgusting! It gets worse. She eats them.

One of the first people Cotton sees in town is Hawthorne. They have words

Mary decides Anne cannot live on in Salem. Unless...they form an alliance. She tells Anne there is no magic without arousal and to imagine someone. Anne imagines Cotton. Hmmm. Mary gives Anne her Book of Shadows. Anne is to write all of her business in there. Nobody can ever read it but her, but when she dies, the book finds the way to the samhain, and it finds its way to someone else when the time is right. Mary has Anne's father's book. Anne has to sign it in blood and then her familiar will come.

Cotton and Wainwright meet. Samuel has come across some of Cotton's writings when with Sir Isaac Newton. They laughed over his drawing of a misshapen baby that Cotton thought was bringing the devil. Of course it was meant to be funny, Samuel inquired. Cotton assures him it was not.

Isaac isn't at the place. He makes fun of Cotton for his concern that he's gone and his gold and the malum remain. Meanwhile, Isaac is with Mercy, and Isaac is even sorry for how terrible she looks.

Mercy keeps cracking her neck. It's really gross. She tells Isaac Mary is the real monster as she begins sharpening her knives.

Someone lets all of the people out of the prison cells.

Cotton greets Mary. He gives to her the malum. He tells her it's the cause of the plague. Mary shares the news of John's death with Cotton. He entertained the hope that someday he may tell him how sorry he was. Mary says John was the only may she ever loved and he died not knowing.

Meanwhile, Wainwright is pulling the teeth from Corbin and message: Liars. Mary blames Hawthorne.

Tituba tells Mary of Petras' death, but not that she ate his eyes. She just says they're gone.

Anne opens her Book of Shadows, writes inside of it and a brown mouse appears. She calls it Brown Jenkins. Anne vows to be a good witch, doing no harm.

Mary visits Samuel. He allows her to feel Corbin's tongue. She wants to go outside with him. He thinks she's like him. He's waited all his life to stare into the abyss with someone like himself, and he thinks she's it. As he fondles her, hoping to crunch her neck, Tituba is inside cutting off Corbin's finger. Good Lord. Mary sucks on Samuel's fingers before running off.

Mary and Tituba do a spell with the finger after sucking the life out of it with salt. They're using it as a divining rod of sorts. They are pointed toward Knocker's Hole. Mary is holding it and it seems to be pointing toward John. He grabs a pouch and puts it on, escaping only seconds before they find him. He's right in front of them, cloaked with the pouch. 

Mary only knows it's a witch hunter. She felt it's presence, and believes it's a she. Since doing a water charm is unpleasant, Mary decides to use Anne to do it so she can get dirty.

Mercy is slicing open Isaac and putting bugs inside the slices. Dollie wants Mercy to stop being so mean to Isaac and Isaac wants Mercy to stop hurting Dollie. I still wonder why she can't fix herself.

Anne learns the spell requires her to drown an animal before she can do the spell. It's a kitten. Countess Marburg appears to be down there. Looking rather green.

Mary lied to Anne about the Book of Shadows and ... everything? She can spit in a book and read what Anne is writing in her book, so she knows about Countess Marburg. 

Wainwright is angry he's not allowed to leave to go investigate a pox in a neighboring town. She entices him up into her bedroom.

Mary did mention that she needed to be aroused in order to have magic...

Cotton is writing John and he walks into his room. For some reason, he knocks Cotton out.



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Salem Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Anne: What do you want?
Mary: Merely to help you be you.

There is no magic without arousal.