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On Salem Season 2 Episode 12, Mary is determined to win the war between her and Countess Marburg and even tries to get the old ones involved, but they do not want any part of it. They tell Mary that Tituba is on their side and they wouldn't win against the Marburg's, even if they did attempt to fight them. Mary tries in vain, begging and pleading with them more, but they stay true to their word and tell Mary she needs to leave.

Meanwhile, Sebastian is about to finish off John Alden, but John goes into witch hunter mode and kills all the members of Marburg's group and leaves Sebastian. Sebastian is convinced John is dead and informs his mother of the death, but what he doesn't know is Cotton was able to save John. 

As John mends up, Mary visits him and tells him he needs to get a gun ready because the old ones aren't going to help. John is not optimistic about what is going to happen, but Mary tries to reassure him that things are going to go as planned since Anne is the one who has the child. Unfortunately, Mary doesn't realize Countess Marburg got her claws in Anne and was able to manipulate her to give little John over to them or else Cotton would be killed.

As the ritual begins, Mary declares her undying love for her son, but she doesn't realize Countess Marburg just needed a declaration of love so she could start the ceremony. Little John is "killed" and the dark lord takes over his body as John tries to shoot him in the head, but it doesn't do anything except make him angry.

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Salem Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Sebastian: How about you leave me well enough and far alone, you're no use to us anymore.
Mercy: That isn't true.
Sebastian: No, it isn't true. You were never any use to us.
Mercy: You're being cruel. I thought you wanted me?
Sebastian: Wanted you? No one has ever wanted you. Not your own father, not the Essex hive and certainly, not I. Mary Sibley is the one I desire and I shall have no other.

Mercy: They say crocodiles weep when they devour their prey, but not even crocodiles eat their own young.
Mary: Mercy, I wonder when you'd come. Believe it or not, I am glad you survived.
Mercy: Don't play the good mother with me. Good mother's don't burn their children. I finally met a true mother, she healed the wounds you and so many others dealt me.