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The Countess is once again in the bath, being fed by Sebastian. They are discussing Mary Sibley. The Countess wonders who is going to be the sacrifice to finish the Grand Rite and Sebastian think perhaps she has no earthly idea. Countess is under no such delusions. She's not a wise woman, but she's no fool. She knew enough to use the only virgin in her hive to seal her little peep hole into her kingdom.

Sebastian is dying to taste Mary and that requires passionately kissing his mother. Once he tastes her, he must have more. The Countess says he must not be greedy. When she looks iinto the mirror, it's revealed her face is half missing. She needs a little help with the taps. The tap is inserted into a young woman's neck above her and when Seb turns it, blood rains down upon the Countess.

Mary sleeps in the nude. Her son, now called John, is beside her when she awakes. He heard her screaming last night. She didn't look scared, he says. 

Alden is busily tossing Cotton's room. Cotton is bound and gagged. Cotton calls Alden a fool and wants to join forces. Cotton says he'll face death. Alden is pretty much a mess, says he isn't alive and leaves Cotton bound.

Anne is talking with Brown Jenkins. She confides that she doesn't like being a witch. Then Hawthorne forces his way into her home. He comes bearing news that there is talk of witchcraft about her going through the town. He threatens her burning at the stake unless she marries him. He says as wife of the magistrate, no one would dare accuse her, but if she rebuffs him, he can't protect her.

Mercy calls Dollie to breakfast in her haggard voice. She's looking worse by the day. Her breakfast consists of Isaac. It's another gross-out moment. Why she's taken to cannibalism is anybody's guess. Somehow she thinks eating him to death will create Mary's ghostly assassin.

Mary's beating George around. She's speaking garbage about him eventually tasting delights if he does what she says.

Anne is waiting for Mary when John appears. He's taken with her hair. It looks like fire and smells like cinnamon and he wonders what it will smell like when she burns. Mary says he's a nephew. Mary says if she doesn't want to marry Hawthorne, then she better find a way to marry Cotton. Mary wants to hear about the Countess.

Dollie is trying to comfort Isaac. It appears the two have fallen in love.

Anne goes to Cotton for his advice on marrying Hawthorne. When he doesn't answer as she wants, she grabs some of his hair to spell him so. Of course, Alden was holding a knife to him.

Hawthorne is in the church suggesting everyone leave Salem and head south to his family's land. He wants to be their Moses and lead them away. He's such a windbag. Mary tries to get George to speak and oppose him now to end his suffering. George rises and sets Hawthorne in his place as the water in Mary's amulet begins to boil and a storm comes in. 

Mary knows it means Countess Marburg is descending upon them. Tituba is freaking out as she's heard the stories from the old witches about how Marburg took out many before her. Mary never cared for the history of her kind and Tituba fears it will come back to haunt her.

Dollie hears Mercy say she's prepared to eat Isaac's heart to release his ghost and helps him escape.

Mary prepares to see Marburg by way of a vision. She's on the ship. While Mary finds the Countess, the Countess is also elsewhere, investigating. The two taunt each other and when Mary wakes, Tituba is on the ground. The Countess said she left Mary something at the house.

Anne kills Brown Jenkins in her attempt to get Cotton to love her by squeezing the sweet brown thing in one hand and crushing it to death. Another sacrifice.

Countess Marburg killed George Sibley.




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Salem Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Cotton: I understand the hate you feel for my family, but must you avenge yourself on my books?
Alden: I'll take what I need.
Cotton: And destroy my life's collection in the process? What are you after?

When I have eaten you to death, I will command your ghostly spirit and you shall enjoy the greatest role of your miserable life; as the assassin that Mary Sibley never saw coming.