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A figure in a white dress pretends to be Dorcas's dead mother and kidnaps her from Isaac's barn.

Tituba stole the body parts of the dark lord from the previous episode.

The Sentinel gives Thomas a clock with the black mercury hidden inside. Once the hammer strikes, the bomb will kill everyone in Salem. The Sentinel gets drunk and reveals that the dark lord isn't truly dead; his human body only died, but his soul was sent back to hell.

Cotton brings food to Anne and delivers news of the death. She's starting to experience pregnancy cravings from Gloriana's baby.

A secret meeting is conducted between Mary, Sebastian, Cotton, John and Isaac to protect against Black Sunday and stop the Sentinel. Mary plans to find Tituba, John to kill the Sentinel, and Sebastian to retrieve the black mercury.

The dark lord sends warnings from the beyond to Anne. He tries to convince her to open hell's door; Cotton stops her at the last minute.

Sebastian glamors himself as John Alden to get secrets from Mary; she reveals she does not love Sebastian, only John. Once she leaves, Sebastian is visibly heartbroken.

Mercy and Hathorne kidnapped Dorcas. They keep her trapped inside a cage in the brothel.

Tituba is sewing the dark lord's body together again. Mary visits her, but Tituba is playing coy with the truth.

The Sentinel is having a hangover as Cotton talks about humanity.

Anne stares deeper into the doll house to uncover its magical abilities. The dark lord sends her another request.

The Countess orders Sebastian to bring her Mary's remaining blood. The spirit of the dark lord tries to stop him but it doesn't work.

Cotton takes the Sentinel out on a booze trip. He shows the fallen angel the benefits of drinking games, music and food during a hangover. He takes him to Mercy's brothel and nearly spots Gloriana behind a veil.

While the Sentinel is having sex in another room, Cotton performs a wedding ceremony in the brothel for Mercy and Magistrate Hathorne. The two are now married.

The Sentinel leaves the brothel and John strikes with the mystical blade. They fight and John delivers the devastating blow, killing the demon.

Sebastian delivers Mary's blood to the Countess; it causes a bad reaction to her and she faints.

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Salem Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

John: Tell me you don't enjoy his touch.
Mary: I cannot command my body, but my heart felt nothing. It curdled inside me every time he touched me. And I had to endure it and beg for more. Why? For us, John. Are you really as dense as he says you are?! The only reason I'm going to Tituba is to learn about the weapon; she's a Seer. If she knows a way to stop this...this bomb, we won't need Sebastian and I can cease this charade once and for all.
John: Even after he protected you in that house, you don't feel any fondness or affection for him?
Mary: Not a drop.

Thomas: Could I offer you food or a drink?
The Sentinel: I have no taste for food but drink, I like. It briefly restores loss of wings.
Thomas: Try this.
[They drink]
The Sentinel: [Gasps]
Thomas: Gin.
The Sentinel: It burns...I like it.