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Mary rises from the grave and searches for John Alden. Tituba, and the Essex witches, reveal that since she was resurrected from the life force of the Primordial Tree, she is bound to its roots and is trapped in the town of Salem.

Tituba shows Mary the terrifying future caused by the dark lord, including a dead John Alden.

Cotton tries to kill himself but Anne stops him. Sebastian, and the dark lord, need him alive to minister the people of Salem. If he refuses in church, they will kill him. But if he plays along, he will be freed.

Isaac brings the dead body of Alice's uncle to a coroner (guest star Marilyn Manson). He reveals the identity and Isaac goes to confront Alice about his death.

Tituba, in spectral form, gives Alden a warning to play along. He must not interfere with Mary stopping the dark lord.

Mary returns to the dark lord and comes up with a story that her love for her son brought her back to life.

Isaac goes to Hathorne to give his suspicions. Hathorne, in turn, goes to Mercy and tries to blackmail her into getting profits from the brothel.

Tituba pulls out the eyes of a stuffed cat and gets her vision back.

The dark lord's mysterious ally tortures Mary to get the truth. He was the creature that removed her fetus seven years ago.

Cotton incites the town of Salem and follows the plan. He admits his love to Anne.

John Alden trains a militia group. One member is secretly a woman.

Mercy curses Hathorne and forces him to obey her in exchange for living.

Mary passes the dark lord's test, only to be revealed as a ruse. She tries to kill the dark lord but is captured.


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Salem Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

John: Where are you going?
Mary: Where only I can go.
John: No. I won't.
Mary: You can't help me, John. I made that boy's body, only I can unmake it.
John: You said you'd tell me all. That there would be time...
Mary: I lied. There's no time, no time at all. If I succeed, we will have all the time in the world. If I fail, then at least I felt your love in me once before the darkness fell.

Mary: What have you done to me now, queen of bitches?
Tituba: Only ripped your soul through the wall of silence, cursed you back to life, and trapped you forever in the home of all your tears. Run as far and as fast as you may, Mary Sibley. You can never escape Salem.