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A security breach brings Neil come surprising information while Grace's design work finds success. 

Adriana seems to be falling for Neil. And who wouldn't?

When Neil is with her, he receives a phone call, seemingly asking him to smash his phone and be somewhere in 15 minutes.

Adriana visits Simon with Rosalee. She wants to see how he adapts to the unexpected.

There is horrible security breach at Neil's office and he misses Grace's opening.

Simon shares his client list with Adriana and she discovers Grace Truman has made the list.

Neil signs up him and Grace for dance classes to make up for missing her opening. They struggle to get in sync.

Anika meets a guy when she's shut out of the Sidebar and cannot play. She also lost her guitar.

Anika tries to find Matteo.

Grace takes Neil to the office space and she feels like she can finally see it through his eyes. They dance, finding their rhythm.

Neil wants to create an app that will discover what makes people happy.

Neil wants to think about meeting a couple who may be similarly thinking about their marriage.

Adriana calls Grace after seeing the article in the magazine. She wants her house redecorated.


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Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Adriana: I know what you're looking for. A connection. You can find that in so many places, Neil. See?
Neil: What you're feeling is my phone.

Neil: I will say. The dancing left an impression. On me, anyway.
Adriana: The dancing. Really. Why?
Neil: It took me back. Made me remember.