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Neil attempts to improve his public image while Grace makes an impulsive decision under stress. 

Adriana visits Neil at work under the guise of becoming his client, only to lure him with a business proposition and one woman she can't crack.

Grace is shopping for her new brand and Anika is calling. She was in an accident with Stephanie's car.

Neil is being harassed by the FBI for borderline terrorism. They have to play up "the real you" his attorney says, and Neil starts to drift.

Grace gets a call about a big problem at the job site. It's the bitch she got fired, who has canceled all work with "her" vendors and takes the plans, to boot.

Neil finds out the disgusting flight attendant is filing a civil suit. 

Simon visits Adriana because he feels it's time to bigger and better. He plays the sex card too soon and she recognizes the car he's driving.

The Trumans decide to run together on a Saturday. Anika hasn't told anyone she's injured, but says she was hurt in gym. 

Neil turns his date into a tequila person.

Grace finds out about Anika's hospital visit and the car accident.

Neil has a great night with his new friend.

The family readies for court. In his mind, Neil delivers the speech he wants to give rather than the one he has to give and gives away a little part of himself.


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Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

I like you exploring these different parts of yourself. I don't get to see that much anymore.


You don't have to give up everything to find out who you really are; just an evening.