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Neil is stressed as he struggles to meet a looming deadline at work. Grace and Anika visit college. 

Neil continues his search for happiness.

Grace and Anika visit Grace's college alma mater and Grace relives her youth.

Neil's neighbors fight and Lawrence says once you stop fighting over the small things, you stop caring. 

Simon and Adriana talk marriage.

The difference between Lawrence and Neil is that Lawrence still gets upset about the little things, proving he's still actively engaged in his marriage.

Grace is flattered when her college professor remembers her talent.

Lawrence throws a pool party at Neil's.

After a frustrating day of not working, when Lawrence uncovers Grace's photo by Dylan he gets angry about the little thing.

Professor Merchant nominates Grace for the Design Scholarship at the Design Institute of Milan. When she was in school she was given a Fulbright scholarship and turned it down because she was in love.

Mateo apologizes for the way he treated Anika the other night. When her parents arrive, Mateo announces himself as her boyfriend.



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Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Neil: My point is that we don't have to have those petty arguments to solve our problems. We just talk them through.
Grace: Mmm hmm.
Neil: Don't we?
Grace: You never really want to talk.
Neil: I try.
Grace: You do. You try.
Neil: You don't always want to talk.
Grace: You don't always listen.
Neil: Are you kidding me?

Lawrence: She's just a friend!
Renee: Friends don't share genital pics.
Lawrence: It was a joke! You saw that. Those aren't even my balls!