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Huck reaches out to a former colleague for information about Amanda's disappearance and discovers that the girl is dead. At Olivia's request, Huck goes in search of the body and employs methods from his days as a Black Ops member to uncover the information.

After a plane crash, the pilot's union and airline use the pilot's past as an alcoholic to blame her for the crash. Olivia and her team set out to prove the pilot's innocence.

Cyrus and the President differ in their reactions to the news of Amanda Tanner's death. They also realize that Olivia didn't send the tape when a blackmail letter with demands shows up at the White House.

The President pays Olivia a visit.

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Scandal Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

There isn't a person in this building who isn't willing to go to extremes for you.

First Lady

David: So, who do you think killed her? See, I've got this nagging feeling you've got a pretty good idea. I know I give you a long leash on a lot of things and I like to because, despite my better judgment and all my protests to the contrary, I really do consider you a friend. But I can't look the other way here, not on this...I prosecute crime. I get the bad guys. So at some point, even with you I gotta draw the line. I've gotta do my job. I've gotta be the sheriff.
Olivia: The white hat looks good on you.