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A high-profile madame seeks Olivia's help in protecting her client list before she is arrested by the U.S. Attorney General. Stephen Finch's name is on the list, as is a soon-to-be Supreme Court Nominee, the first of President Grant's time in office. Olivia must help keep the list under wraps in order to serve her client, but also believes the Justice nominee Keating when he says he has never paid for sex and decides to help him keep his nomination. Unbeknownst to Keating, his wife had been a call-girl in the Madame's service when the two met. She kept her job as a prostitute a secret from her future husband and helped pay his way through law school with her earnings.

Amanda Tanner's resignation and attempted suicide catches the attention of a D.C. area reporter, Gideon Wallace, who comes to the hospital hoping to interview the girl. Quinn tells the reporter to leave, without telling him she works for Olivia Pope, and Olivia tasks Quinn with staying with Amanda at all times while she's in the hospital. Amanda leaves while Quinn is on a phone call and Quinn and Olivia must convince Amanda to let them take her case and protect her from the media in case this scandal breaks. Eventually, Amanda agrees to Olivia's help.


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Scandal Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Sharon: I didn't stay out of trouble for 30 years by kissing and telling, Stevie. Nobody knows that better than you.
Stephen: Your clients are all grown men. I'm a grown man. I made a choice. To do something illegal. And sometimes we have to live with the choices we make.

It's a dirty little secret. And dirty little secrets always come out.