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Huck believes Becky has been kidnapped by another spy and asks for Olivia's help in finding her. When it appears that she may actually be the shooter, Huck goes off to find her on his own. She finds him outside the house he took her to on their first date and asks him to run away with her.

Cyrus has Charlie look into James and discovers that James was in Defiance, Ohio. James gives David Rosen the memory card from the tampered-with voting machine for safekeeping.

Hollis turns on Verna and Verna turns on Olivia.

Sally Langston plans Fitz's funeral.

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Scandal Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

I'm new to the field of remote controlled sniper rifles. Is there a trade magazine they send out to enthusiasts, psychopaths, assassins?


[to Harrison] The person they're looking for, the one they think shot the President? That's me.