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David Rosen turns to Olivia and her team for help when he wakes up to find that the girl he brought home from the bar is dead in bed next to him. She made her money by trading in secrets and someone got to her before she could get to David's information about Defiance.

Fitz doesn't know who to trust anymore now that he knows about the election rigging. He pushes Cyrus out and Mellie tries to convince him that Cyrus was behind the scandal.

Scott Foley guest stars as a new man in Olivia's life, Captain James Ballard, an intel official at the Pentagon who is linked to David's case.

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Scandal Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

What do you think she wanted from me? That we faked the moon landing? That a Starbucks tall is really a small? She wanted Defiance, Liv.


Fitz: Cyrus, you're in my bathroom.
Cyrus: Yes, sir, Mr. President, and I'm as unhappy about that as you are.