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On Scandal Season 4 Episode 12, Abby gets worried when Olivia doesn't show up for their regular coffee date and Olivia isn't answering her phone. She pays a visit to Olivia's apartment and then busts into the offices of OPA demanding they tell her what's going on. Huck says she's not a gladiator anymore.

Fitz signs an Executive Order firing his entire Secret Service staff and instituting the Navy S.E.A.L.S as his protection detail. Cyrus also has a resignation letter prepared for Andrew to sign. Mellie assures Fitz that he's doing everything he can to get Olivia back and then Fitz says he wants in on the bidding war to recover her.

Fitz brings Jake on board and Jake tells him that Olivia is leaving a trail for them. In the safe house, Ian has a disagreement with one of his fellow mercenaries when Andrew calls. Andrew finds out that his deal is off and Ian has a new plan. Fitz has his security team assemble and they develop a plan to have someone proxy bid on their behalf.

Huck grows worried about Olivia's plan and fears his leader will be killed. Since the White House is using terrorists to negotiate with terrorists on its behalf, Jake believes that he, Quinn, and Huck must save Olivia themselves by pooling their own money in order to bid on her. Huck reveals that he's a billionaire thanks to B613.

As the auction goes live, Ian agrees to let Olivia choose which of the highest bidders will win her. Gus kills him just as the bidding begins.

Cyrus talks to Andrew who refuses to resign and Cyrus threatens him with prison. Andrew says that if he's tried for treason and sent to prison, Fitz is going down with him.

Huck can't find the Dark Net website containing the auction for Olivia because they don't have an invitation. In order to get a seat at the table, they need an all-star to help. Jake happens to know an all-star: Maya Pope.

Quinn and Jake, with David's help, pay Maya a visit. Maya makes demands which David will not meet and Quinn suggests giving her a television. Maya agrees and gives Jake what they need.

Cyrus tells Fitz that Andrew won't resign and that if he goes to prison, Fitz is going too. Fitz develops a plan to force Andrew's hand using the very story Andrew concocted, but first they need proof that Andrew orchestrated his own assassination attempt. Cyrus vists Liz North who is busy shredding files in her office to tell her she'll need to testify against Andrew if she hopes to avoid time in prison.

Maya Pope sends Jake and Huck to meet with a man named Gustavo. Before Gustavo will help, he wants payment up front in the form of three dead men. Huck finds his inner killer in order to do the job so that they can get Liv back. 

Andrew learns that Liz is working with Cyrus and gets scared. He visits Mellie and threatens to expose their affair to the world if the White House comes after him.

When Huck hasn't come out of the meeting with Gustavo within a reasonable amount of time, Jake goes in after him. He finds a massacre and Huck beheading the men for proof. 

Olivia tries to work the hackers over by telling them they're better than the man they're working with and the job they're doing. It seems one of them is listening and she offers them protection if they tilt the auction in her favor and hand her over to the United States. As it happens, the hackers weren't listening to her at all and have no intentions of helping her.

Abby meets with the President but can't stop thinking about the scene she witnessed at Olivia's apartment. She tells him that she knows something is wrong and wonders if he's spoken with her. He brings her up to speed and she barges into David's office and wants to know why he didn't tell her that someone kidnapped her best friend. 

Mellie and Fitz meet on the veranda and discuss their situation. She says they need to let Andrew walk because he'll ruin her otherwise. She asks what he wants and he first says Jerry. Then he says Liv. Mellie tells him she wants to be the President. Fitz agrees to let Andrew walk.

Jake goes to Quinn about Huck's behavior. He's concerned that Huck won't be okay. Quinn says he will recover once they get Olivia back. Huck finally gets into the auction and just as he does, the auction is suspended unexpectedly. At the White House, Cyrus wakes Fitz and tells him that he's needed in the situation room.

Olivia learns that Gus has sold her to Iran. 

Fitz' team tells him that extraction isn't possible and the protocol is to neutralize the asset because Olivia knows too much. While Quinn and Jake argue about who has her, Huck tells them that it doesn't matter who has her because Olivia will be disassembled. Quinn attacks him and Huck says Olivia Pope is dead.

Fitz tells Cyrus they have to get Olivia back.

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Who has money? All I have is student loans! It doesn't matter how many times you reinvent your identity, Sallie Mae will find you.


[to Abby] You are not a gladiator anymore.