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On Scandal Season 5 Episode 4, Jake continues talking with Rowan Pope about Lazarus One, Pope's plan to restart B-613 in the event of its demise. Rowan refuses to name his source to the outside world and says only that Olivia has created this problem by putting him behind bars where he can no longer protect the Republic.

Quinn meets with Marcus to bring him into the fold at OPA. They want someone who works well with the press. She attempts to bring him on board in much the same way she was brought in, but Marcus refuses her offer. He doesn't like the way OPA does business and sees the writing on the wall for Olivia's firm.

Jake contacts Charlie and the two of them go on a mission to Paris to find out who Rowan's been working with.

Fitz tries to fire Abby over the scandal but Olivia talks him out of it, calling him an idiot and telling him it's time to be smart. As he asks her how long she can withstand the scrutiny, she notices paparazzi in the window across the street photographing her inside her apartment. Huck and Quinn come to her rescue.

In France, Jake and Charlie meet with one of Charlie's contacts to find out who might be selling stolen artwork from the Louvre. When Elise sees Jake, she cancels the deal. The two have a history.

Cyrus escorts Mellie through the Capitol Building Rotunda. She's late for a meeting with the Senate women's caucus where she learns, on her first day on the job, that they plan to impeach Fitz with Mellie's approval. She doesn't want to do it but Cyrus convinces her it's a good idea to go after her husband in order to claim the White House for herself.

Huck and Quinn show up for work and find Marcus ready to gladiate in a suit. 

Jake visits Elise, the art dealer, and their history together is revealed. While that chapter opens, Mellie and Fitz come to an agreement that they won't hurt each other anymore.

At OPA, Marcus wants to go on a media offensive to protect Olivia from the whipping she's taking in the media.

Elise's art deal goes south and she shoots the seller while Fitz and Liz North sit down with some of the Republican bigwigs in the Senate. He offers them some concessions and learns that it won't be enough. They want him to undo all of his legislative achievements. He calls Olivia to talk to her about the Brandon Bill and finds that she's breaking down under the pressure.

Mellie fires Cyrus after he insults the memory of her late son. 

When Marcus comes out of OPA and addresses the press, he changes the game for the office, for Olivia, and for the White House.


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Scandal Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Quinn: Olivia Pope and Associates needs a mouthpiece. You're good with the press. You won't just be some corporate spinner. You'll be one of us. Look, the job is yours if you want it. It's the best job you'll ever have. You will change lives. You will slay dragons. You will love the hunt more than you ever have. I am not crazy. I'm a gladiator in a suit. That's what you are when you work at OPA. You're a gladiator in a suit. Do you want to be a gladiator in a suit?
Marcus: No.

Quinn: You're broke, Marcus. You're unemployed because you screwed the mayor's wife. You're damaged goods, but you're charming and attractive and you can drive a narrative. Plus, you know, stray dogs...
Marcus: Okay, now I see. You're crazy. You one of those crazy chicks?
Quinn: I'm offering you a job.