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On Scandal Season 5 Episode 8, Fitz and two Secret Service members walk into a holding cell where Olivia Pope is being held. Two days prior, Fitz was on the verge of brokering an historic peace treaty between the US and the Republic of Bandar. Cyrus is shocked that Olivia is able to charm the country's leader. 

At dinner, the translator asks Olivia to help him seek asylum in the United States. He will disclose the location of a nuclear weapons facility in exchange for protection. Olivia and her team take the case so that Fitz can move forward with the peace treaty. Cyrus wants to know about Rowan and Fitz shuts him down.

Olivia gets into the elevator to her office and she's joined by Tom who creepily takes her to a different floor in the same building where her father is waiting for her. His sons have turned against him and he's afraid. He believes that they may come for her to get to him, or that if he dies, she won't be protected.

OPA begin their investigation into the translator's story and Fitz uses Susan Ross to buy him time to verify the intel. Cyrus asks David to convene a task force and lets it slip that Rowan Pope is out of prison. Before forming a task force, Rosen wants to focus on putting Rowan back in jail and decides to call in the various intelligence agencies to find him.

Jake arrives at the Oval Office for a meeting with the President but finds Olivia Pope is the one who summoned him to the White House. She tells him that she believes Rowan is telling the truth and that he is legitimately afraid someone is trying to kill him. Jake cannot be persuaded to listen.

Liv hangs out with Abby in Abby's office and learns that Cyrus and the FBI are on the hunt for Rowan. Olivia knows she has to tell Fitz the truth but fears their relationship will be over when she does.

The intel from the translator is believed to be bogus. Olivia informs him that his request for asylum has been denied. 

Huck delivers intel to Jake regarding Rowan's whereabouts and the two discuss Lazarus One. Jake asks for Huck's help in taking Rowan down, but Huck sees Jake's inner beast breaking free and knows he can't go down that road if he wants to keep his own monsters locked inside.

The team discovers that Navid was telling the truth after all and Liv calls Abby to stop the signing. Olivia gets to Navid's hospital room just in time to find that he's attempted suicide to avoid going back to Bandar. 

David delivers a packet to Cyrus which reveals details of Eli Pope's escape from prison and reveals that Olivia Pope is the mastermind behind her father's escape. FBI agents pick her up at the hospital and Fitz meets her in a cell where he questions her about Rowan's escape. She confesses. Fitz walks out.

Fitz tells Cyrus to release Olivia from prison and have her delivered to the residence on the grounds that he believes Olivia's gut. He tells Olivia that he's called Jake off, but that's not the truth. Fitz has Mellie's clothes moved out of the White House closet and Olivia's moved in. Olivia, he says, lives there now, where she can be protected.

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Scandal Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

You should know...I hope you know...I did my best for you, Olivia. I take tremendous pride in who you have become.


We're living in a new world, Red. A world where Olivia Pope is judge, jury, and executioner.