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Olivia and Mellie sit down to discuss Susan Ross and the campaign strategy. If Fitz endorses Susan Ross, Mellie will lose the nomination. Olivia suggests Mellie go to Fitz to encourage him to remain neutral during the primaries.

Abby helps the President court several women so that they can control the optics regarding his newfound single life. Tom and Cyrus continue working together to encourage Vargas to run for President. Sally stops by their table to invite the sitting governor to come on his show, but Vargas refuses. He doesn’t want the optics and wants to get back to work.

Olivia and her team get called to a hotel where several Secret Service members were having a party. One of their guests ended up dead and Abby wants Olivia to clean it up. Quinn takes the lead on the job and instructs the team to create the cover-up and giving the Secret Service an alibi.

Abby gets into Olivia’s car where Olivia is busy stalking Jake. Abby wants to talk about the President. Olivia wants to talk about Jake. She knows he’s up to something.

David tries to convince Susan that she needs to get the President’s support. She doesn’t want to ask because she doesn’t want to be near the eventual bombshell about his dating life. Liz isn’t happy to hear that David’s encouragement isn’t working.

Fitz doesn’t want to meet with Vargas about the Pennsylvania education bill, but Cyrus railroads him into it. When Fitz isn’t responsive to the conversation, Vargas decides to go on Sally’s show to use it as a platform.

Quinn and Huck discuss Olivia’s seeming boredom with the job. Quinn thinks she misses the White House. Huck thinks she’s preoccupied with Jake. Marcus enters and says something else happened in that hotel room which differs from the agents’ stories.

Cyrus and Michael watch Vargas on TV. He  says he won’t run for President so Cyrus puts Tom on it. Liz gets the go-ahead from Fitz to put Sally and Susan on the task of killing Vargas’ chances at a Presidential run. 

Marcus learns that the dead call girl didn’t die because of an overdose. She was murdered.

Mellie brings Teddy to Fitz a day or two early and asks for a minute to speak with him when one of Fitz’ girlfriends comes out of the bathroom. Mellie goes to Olivia with the information, putting her in an awkward position. Olivia decides to find more information about the call girl’s death.

David walks into the middle of an argument between Liz and David. They ask for his opinion and he sides with Liz. Susan goes on Sally Langston’s show, but she’s not happy about it at all.

One of the journalists Fitz takes to bed asks for a comment about whether or not Olivia is running Mellie’s campaign. Tom learns that Vargas doesn’t want to run for President because his daughter is dying of cancer. Cyrus uses a sob story about his own life to try and sway Vargas.

Olivia wakes in the middle of the night to find Jake standing in her bedroom. He continues talking about his girlfriend’s pedigree even after Olivia asks him to stop talking. In the middle of sex, Olivia finds the strength to tell him to stop.

Quinn calls the other call girl who was in the room the night of the secret service party. She and Marcus want the truth. Olivia goes to Abby with what she knows and Abby says protecting the client is the job. Abby sets up a meeting between Fitz and Olivia.

Abby and a Secret Service agent expect one of Fitz’ ladies to get off the elevator and are surprised to see Susan Ross on her way to meet the President. He tells her not to lie to the American people ever again and gives her his endorsement, but she’s not sure she wants it and explains to him why. He vows to be the President, the man, she wants to endorse her.

Fitz condemns the Secret Service agents and Cyrus meets with Vargas again. Vargas has decided to run for President and wants Cyrus to manage the campaign. 

Olivia arrives at her father’s house for Sunday night dinner. Jake and his girlfriend are inside. Except now she’s his fiancee. 

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Scandal Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Screw as many whores as you want, Fitz, I wouldn’t expect anything less. But you sure as hell better keep them away from my children.


Okay, when are we going to stop hearing from Reverend Marcus? It’s a job. Sometimes you get to save the day. Sometimes, you do this.