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At the big debate, Susan takes a back seat, while Mellie and Hollis argue it out, throwing various zingers at each other along the way. 

Olivia pushes on to get Susan taken out of the game, but she hits a setback when the information she gives Vargas about Edison is proved false when a member of the hospital comes out in his defense. 

David says that he and Susan need to move on, but she doesn't let him go and the two of them do an interview that says they are still an item. 

Olivia and the team go see a man who they find out Susan was with years ago and is her baby daddy. Olivia tried to get him on their side, but he kept refusing, so Liv went on the offensive and threatened him with more time added on to his sentence. 

Quinn and Huck were disgusted with the way she acted and Quinn went to see Abby, who arranged a meeting with Fitz who scolded Liv for her mistakes. 

Olivia later had a chat with him and told him she wants to win and that the game is on because only one of them will win.

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