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When Lilian is doing a story on the presidential candidates, Liv goes to see Andrew and confronts him. He makes it clear that he wants all of them to pay for what happened to him. 

Olivia explains that none of them played a part in his condition. It was shrapnel from a terrorist attack. He doesn't agree and threatens to leak information about them. 

When the groups make a short-term alliance, they brain storm the best course of action for him and Liz suggests murdering him, but the team scoff at it and say no. 

Cyrus laughs because he has immunity and the rest of the team debate whether to give money, but Mellie says Fitz can. She earned her divorce settlement. 

Liz goes to Huck and asks him to kill Andrew, but all he does is kidnap him and put him below the white house. When Olivia questions him about the money, they agree on $10 Million, but as soon as it transfers, he changes his mind. 

Abby goes against Olivia. When Olivia has a moment alone with Andrew, they argue and he makes it clear that he was the one who kidnapped her. Olivia bashes his brains in with a chair. 

She then tells Abby not to mess with her again, before going home. 

Vargas gets Cyrus caught out for cheating when he gets Vargas in trouble. 

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Scandal Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

You need to talk to him.


Fitz: Thank you for coming when I called.
Olivia: You didn't call. Abby did.