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Jake wakes Olivia up and tells her to get up for the day ahead and fix her hair. She doesn't want to leave her bed, but she reluctantly gets up and lets her father know she's away for a run. 

She goes straight to Huck and Finn and lets them know that they bought her story and will use Jake's love for her to get to the root of what they're both up to. 

Back at the house, she drinks bourbon and acts drunk to try and get Jake to open up to her, but he knows what she's up to makes it clear that he isn't telling her. 

The two of them have sex and agree to run away together. Olivia finds out that Rowan wants Jake to be a vice president. 

Rowan tells Olivia that he will cut Jake's throat if Olivia tries to leave with him and she's forced to blow it off with him to keep him safe. 

Jake marries Vanessa. 

Through flashbacks we find out the many layers of Jake's friendship with Rowan and how they became family. 

He gave Jake the courage to go back home and kill his real father.

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