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Quinn and Charlie arrive as Huck is getting close to Meg. They tell Huck Olivia is missing. Huck finds her and she asks him to murder her father. 

After some back and forth, he agrees to do the deed. He follows Rowan and gets ready to kill him at the station, but is shocked when Rowan tells him he was forced into killing Vargas.

Huck did not believe him, but he saw Sandra getting off the train and looking for him. Huck reluctantly agreed to join Rowan's cause. Rowan said someone on the inside was getting ready to kill Liv if given the command. 

Huck bugged Quinn and listened into a phone call and heard her acting like Jenny was alive. He followed her to an apartment and was shocked to find Jenny and Jake there with her. 

He tries to kill Quinn, but she talks him around. 

Huck returns home after Quinn says Meg could be the bad one and sleeps with her. However, things took an ominous turn when Meg asked to speak to Liv. 

Huck told Abby Jenny was alive in order to get her to let him visit Becky. He asked Becky how she managed to play him, so she said she wanted something in return. 

She said she wanted to find out about her sister who had cancer. When Huck agreed to help, Becky confirmed that she was lying and that's how she played him: she played the sad girl act to get him to feel bad for her. 

Huck followed her and noticed Sandra meeting her at lunch. He later invites Meg to his house and tries to kill her because he thinks she's using him and is working with the villains. 

Meg denies it and he tells her to run. 

Olivia finds the body and tells Huck Rowan did not change and sends Quinn to finish the job. Huck finds the videos on the body and shows Olivia, confirming Rowan was being played. 

Olivia called off the kill order. She then went to meet Meg with Huck, who apologized for everything. Huck took her to meet Jenny, but it was revealed Meg was bad and killed Jenny and Huck, apparently. 

She then returned to Sandra and Abby to say the job was finished. 

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Scandal Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Huck: Jake didn't kill her.
Olivia: Because she's an innocent victim.
Huck: That's never bothered him before.

I need you to kill Rowan. I want my father dead and I need you to do it.