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Jake arrives at the office to say Jennifer is gone. This prompts Quinn to check out the hotel room and finds blood all over the room. 

Meg pushes the car with Huck's body into the water. He imagines his friends telling him how to make it out of his situation. 

He manages to get out of the car, and makes his way to the shore and collapses. 

Liv turns to Abby to tell her about Huck, but Abby says she can't help. Later, Abby arrives at the office and Liv slaps her around, before threatening her about what will happen to her if Huck dies. 

Jake revealed that it was time to check Jennifer's phone to see if there was a location. 

Quinn tracked down Meg, but accidentally killed her when she realized she was not offering up the truth. 

Olivia and Jake find Huck. At the hospital, everyone is warned her could die. 

Fitz appears and urges Olivia to make amends with Abby. Liv takes him up on it and they make amends with each other. 

Huck wakes up. 

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Scandal Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

That bitch better not have touched a hair on Huck's head.


I could get a chair and lay it all out on you.