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Olivia continued to tell Fitz they needed to look to Cyrus for answers, but instead, he put Cyrus and Mellie in a room together and made them make up. Cyrus offered Mellie to be Vice President. 

Mellie called Marcus and we got some flashbacks of their relationship, which hit a standstill when Marcus got a job in the White House. Mellie found out that this was Olivia's doing because she did not want Mellie distracted. 

Mellie found out and flipped out at Olivia for it, before saying their friendship was over. After going back to Olivia, they made things right. 

Abby reeled Jake in to get Nelson to admit to murder, but he did so under the most awkward circumstances. 

Quinn went to the FBI while Olivia distracted Angela and stole the evidence file. In it, there was video footage, so Huck decoded it. There was a video of Vargas arguing with Cyrus, telling him he would be put in jail for it when he became president. 

Olivia took it to Fitz, who was all over Angela. This was what Fitz needed to really start to believe Olivia and he reeled Abby in to find in the truth about what happened. 

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Scandal Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Quinn: Are you crying?
Marcus: I'm not crying.
Huck: You're embarrassing us.

Fitz: You two need to talk.
Mellie: About?
Fitz: Ways to avoid the implosion of the United States of America.