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Olivia gets a call from Peus when nine bombs appear on drones across America. Olivia declines his offer, so he makes one of them blow. 

It kills a bunch of innocent people. Olivia then says they need to target Mystery Woman, so Jake goes to get information from her. 

However, she says she's not giving anything to him. Jake cuts the tracker out of her neck and says he'll send a band aid in. 

Another bomb detonates when Olivia refuses to follow orders. Fitz and Olivia turn to Rowan but he refuses to help. 

David tells Olivia that Rowan was receiving packages from Peus and that she should find out what it is. 

Cyrus came up with the idea of pretending to Mystery Woman that Peus had been found. She laughed it off, but when Jake said to her, she took him up on a fake deal to reveal the truth. 

Mystery woman asked for David and saw through his plan, ripping the confession up. 

Fitz turned to Rowan to find out about the boxes. Rowan revealed he was told that Olivia's head would be in a box if Peus thought he had gone off track. 

So they sent boxes every day, weighing the same weight as the human head.

Rowan returned to Fitz and offered to help. Things took a dangerous turn when Rowan helped Mystery Woman escape, locking Olivia in the bunker. 

Rowan was granted his freedom, but it was then revealed he was working with Fitz. He told Jake to follow Peus and took him to the drone controllers. He killed Peus and the two men, disarming the rest of the drones. 

Rowan killed Mystery Woman. 

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Scandal Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Olivia: Olivia Pope.
Peus: You have something that belongs to me.

This has been a strange day. I was certainly not expecting the call I got from President-Elect Grant earlier today.