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Fitz tried to adapt to his new life in Vermont, but he found a lot of people questioning that kiss with Olivia and wondering whether anything would come from it. 

With her in the White House, Fitz tried to move on. Marcus had a whole staff of people for him in the new house, but he fired them because he wanted to do some things for himself.

When Marcus joined the two men struggled to keep their friendship going in the aftermath of working in the White House. It even results in them fighting one night and Marcus got ready to quit his job. 

Fitz managed to talk him around and then joins a cause he cares about. This allowed them to hash out their differences. 

Fitz was shocked by a meeting with Rowan that said Olivia was too far gone and that he would need to return to save her. Fitz declined, but we later got to see him at her apartment bumping into her and Curtis. 

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Scandal Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

We're going to do great things. As soon as we get out there, we are going to make a difference.


Fitz: Have you talked to her?
Marcus: No.
Fitz: You spoken to Mellie?
Marcus: I thought you were asking about Liv.
Fitz: I haven't spoken to Olivia.