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Olivia and her team made their final stand against villains when they were all interviewed about their involvement with B-613. 

In true Scandal fashion, they left some of the finer details out and it seemed like they were all going to get small sentences, but Cyrus killed David before anything was revealed. 

Rowan went in in the aftermath as another witness and admitted that he was command all along and that some of the biggest decisions were down to him. 

It worked, and Jake was arrested and sent to maximum security. 

Cyrus tried to speak to Olivia but she gave him his resignation letter and he admitted that he can no longer enjoy a drink without thinking of everything he's done wrong. 

Mellie asked Olivia to stay by her side, but Olivia admitted that it was time for Mellie to graduate from school and make her own decisions. 

So, Mellie got with Marcus and changed gun control laws. 

Two young girls walked through the memorial walk and we got to see a glimpse of Olivia on the wall, alluding to the fact that she became President of the United States one day down the line. 

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Scandal Season 7 Episode 18 Quotes

You’re the bitch. You’re always someone’s bitch!


The sky is falling — literally falling!