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Mellie asked Olivia to kill Cyrus, but Olivia made it clear she was not ready to go that far. Mellie pleaded with her and she changed her stance. 

This made Olivia make a decision that she could go through with it, but Huck was on hand to try and sway her away from making the biggest mistake of her life. 

Just when it seemed like Olivia was going to pull give Cyrus the wine, Jake burst in with some comments about it, and made it clear he did not think she would do it. 

Olivia ultimately returned to Mellie and the pair decided to work together to try and take the pair down. Mellie then gave a press release and revealed that she was not guilty and she would prove herself. 

Meanwhile, Quinn and Abby hacked Cyrus' phone and learned that he was using a hacker to do his bidding, but they found out that the hacker was dead when they went to find him. 

Also, Jake got sick of Vanessa questioning his motives, so he killed her in brutal fashion before giving Cyrus a speech about them being partners and Cyrus agreed.  

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Scandal Season 7 Episode 16 Quotes

I need you to do something for me. Be my command again. Kill Cyrus Beene.


Olivia: You want to kill Cyrus Beene?
Mellie: I want you to handle this, yes. I would do it myself, but we both know that's not a possibility.