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Rowan douses a body in flames and blows a car up. 

The team find out Quinn is dead and get ready to plan her funeral, and Olivia spent the day with QPA. 

She was shocked when Fitz showed up at her door, and tried to get in. She stole wine off of him and slammed the door shut. 

She later had sex with Fitz but maintained that it was meaningless. 

The team went out to shoot on the grass with a specific bullet to say goodbye to Quinn. 

They all had their own memories of their fallen friend and thought about them. 

Huck thought Olivia had something to do with the murder so he hacked her phone, but Abby talked him out of it. 

Charlie went to Rowan to ask for his job back and heard a baby crying, so he went full steam ahead and attacked his former employer.

Glackland dumped Cyrus after learning that Charlie was once on his payroll and Cyrus tried to win him back. 

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Scandal Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

Olivia: Charlie ... Tell me what you need?
Charlie: Robin.
Olivia: I'm sorry, I can't --
Charlie: We were gonna name the baby Robin.

This was the work of a monster. It is unfathomable.