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Olivia turned to Abby with her theory about Cyrus. Abby took it to Quinn and lied that David fed her it. 

Abby later revealed the truth and Quinn shut it down, but she changed her tune when she learned that someone was framing Charlie for the hacking. 

Quinn showed up and asked for Olivia's help. 

Meanwhile, Olivia tried to find out what happened to a woman who carved her career after her after she bought a gun and shot herself. 

it turned out the woman refused to have sex with her boss and it put her on the outs with everyone she was close to. 

The woman's friend came clean about the sting and everyone started opening up. 

Mellie tried to pass a new bill for sexual harassment in the workplace but had to put Jake in line when he randomly touched her. 

The hour concluded with Cyrus laughing at the news when he realized who had been arrested. 

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Scandal Season 7 Episode 14 Quotes

I know who you really are. … You’re at the top of the heap, and everyone knows who you screwed to get here. … She couldn’t see how disgusting this place is, and how you fit right in. She was better than you because she wouldn’t play this sick game. She followed you into the swamp and it sucked her under.

Alisha's Father

Jake: Clearly, I misread the situation.
Mellie: I am not starting an affair in the Oval with a subordinate. … I will not be another Fitzerald Grant and Olivia Pope. Nor am I interested in sleeping with someone who was slept with Olivia Pope.