Watch Scandal Season 4 Episode 18 online to see what happens in the episode's final five minutes. You don't want to miss that twist!

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David continues his case against B-613 on Scandal Season 4 Episode 18. Watch Scandal online to see what happens when he finds three agents to testify against Command and the top secret spy group to which they all once belonged.

Olivia takes the case of George Reed, a man on death row for the murder of his daughter's math teacher 15 years before. His son, Nick Reed, a congressman from Delaware, knows his father is innocent and that the confession he gave was a lie. He begs Olivia to meet his father and knows that if she does she'll see his innocence. Olivia agrees to the visit, determines George Reed to be lying about the murder, and takes the case. Little did she know that the real murderer would turn out to be Nick Reed. George Reed refuses to allow his son to confess to the crime until Olivia intervenes and promises to rehabilitate Nick's career once he's released from prison.

Lizzie vets Mellie's half-sister Harmony and determines that Harmony's outside-the-family ways could be a problem for Mellie's campaigns. Harmony is invited to the White House where Fitz helps the sisters smooth things out.

Episode Details

On Scandal Season 4 Episode 18, David attempts to recruit an ex-B613 agent in order to strengthen his case. Elsewhere, a politician asks Olivia to help his dad escape his looming death penalty.

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

Olivia: Cyrus must be loving this.
Abby: He's like a stormchaser in a van hurling down the highway, face pressed up against the windshield, grinning wildly, waiting for everything to go to Hell and wanting to be there when it does.
Olivia: I've been in that van.

White hats, Jake. We get justice, no matter what.