Watch Scandal Season 4 Episode 13 online to find out what happens to Olivia Pope once the auction is over. You'll never guess who wins.

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 13 had one giant shocker of a plot twist! You'll have to watch Scandal online to see what happens when the auction for Olivia resumes after she helps save herself from being sold to the Iranians.

When Fitz tells the security chiefs that extracting Olivia is the only plan he'll entertain, even if the plan only has a 30% success rate, Cyrus knows something has to be done. He goes behind Fitz's back and arranges a contingency plan to neutralize the asset.

Jake, Huck, and Quinn enter the auction for Olivia but lose in the final moments. Jake goes to Maya for help but her lead doesn't pan out. Jake and Quinn both talk to Huck about keeping himself in check and Quinn makes him promise that there will be no more blood. He keeps his promise when Lizzie comes knocking seeking help with Andrew.

Mellie needs the Andrew threat put to bed but all of her attempts to handle the issue herself end up with his promise to blackmail her should he ever face legal issues. Mellie tells Lizzie to handle it and Huck definitely does. There's no blood though.

Episode Details

Scandal Season 4 Episode 13 finds the bidding for Olivia Pope moving along, with the Gladiators fighting to save her and The White House fearing she may be lost for good.

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

[to Andrew] You've always been the other guy and the whats-his-name. The also-ran. Good, fine, but never great. We both know the reason they call it a race, the reason there is a winner, is because someone wins. And it is never you.


Jake: Hey, I was calling you. Why didn't you answer?
Quinn: Did you have a different, stirring interpretation of the "Your Boss is Dead" monologue that you wanted to perform? Because I already caught the Broadway version that Huck did.