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Ralph plays a game, Overt Target, on a dark website, and he unlocks a secret level of the game. Turns out this secret level contains intel on a CIA safe house, a safe house where two CIA agents were murdered. The Justice Department believes Ralph either created the game or helped design it.

In order to clear Ralph's name, Team Scorpion needs to find the game designer, Nate. Toby baits him by insulting him online, and the team is able to track the Nate to a Game Convention. After getting him in custody, Nate gives up that he has a partner, Calvin Thorne. 

Team Scorpion theorizes that Calvin is the one who hacked the CIA, and he sold the CIA intelligence to the highest bidder. Calvin gave them the way into the secret level where he hid the intelligence.

Calvin is actually not Calvin. He is an ex-con named Donald Chen who has quite the record. Nate tries to help out by getting a confession, but Donald catches on and stabs him.

While Happy and Toby race Nate to the hospital, Cabe and Walter rely on Ralph to help them find where Donald is hiding. Ralph saved the day.

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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Scorpion does nothing but help people.


Just a pretty cool project, building a rocketship. What little boy doesn't dream of that?