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Walter decides that the gang should take a private job. He believes that Scorpion should be getting some publicity from their Homeland security jobs. Despite Agent Gallo's warnings, Walter takes the team to Vegas.

Paige is focused on keeping Walter in line. He is rude to his fellow team members, and Walter clearly does not know when to stop talking.

When the casino is robbed, evidence starts stacking up against Walter. There's the recording where Walter says a robbery is about to happen, and then some of the stolen money ends up in Walter's bag upstairs in the penthouse. It's not looking good.

Paige insists that Walter call Agent Gallo for assistance, but Walter says that the team doesn't need Agent Gallo's help. After the bail gets set really high because Walter is a jerk, Toby and Sylvester work on winning Walter's bail money. This does not end well, what a surprise. They get half of the bail money, and then Toby bets it all on roulette and loses.

Meanwhile, Paige and Happy learn that the Crimson had some issues with their permits. The casino has been wanting to expand, but permit issues have been keeping this from happening. The current theory is that someone paid a bribe to get the permit to go through.This means the robbery was an inside job.

Walter manages to break out of prison, and he happens to run into Sylvester just in time to help the team pull off a job. During a break in attempt to get the casino's files, Toby gets caught. Sadly, he gets caught by the robber, and he goes on a little trip to the desert. Hopefully Walter and the rest of the team can get to Toby before it is too late.

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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

I'm in because the only thing sweeter than winning cash will be winning it from you.


Maybe it's time we got some publicity on this.