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Paige sends Toby and Walter to therapy to work out their communication issues. Sylvester gets permission to take Ralph to Malibu so he can collect samples for his marine biology class. Meanwhile, Paige and Cabe help Happy nail down her presentation to try to get a contract from a motor company. It's all going great until a 7.5 earthquake hits.

The team is separated, and the only way they can stay in contact is with their back up coms that Sylvester developed. Paranoia pays off! Team Scorpion realizes that there's a gas line that's pinched, and if they can fix things in time, there will be an explosion.

Walter and Toby head underground to get to Koreatown where the explosion will occur if they don't stop it. Sylvester and Ralph are tasked with shutting off the gas. Of course, Team Scorpion runs into some challenges along the way. They manage to save lives and stop the explosion. 

It's a win in the Team Scorpion books.

There's just one issue. Walter can't figure out why Toby is upset with him. Toby tells Walter that it wasn't Walter, it was him. Toby says his life is going so well that he doesn't know how to handle it, so he became self destructive and his target is his relationship with Walter. 

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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Don't be such a creamer screamer!


Toby: People like flavored creamers.
Walter: Creamer is a flavor!