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Agent Cook from the Department of Defense comes to Team Scorpion with an off the books mission. The President wants to test the security at Fort Knox, and the only way to prove that Fort Knox is vulnerable is to break in and steal something. As a reward, Team Scorpion will get a million dollars, and the President's gratitude.

It's time to go all Mission Impossible! It all went as plan until a security update ended up with Happy, Toby, and Walter being caught. Don't worry, the job gets done. Too bad it was all a scam. Cook used Team Scorpion for his own personal agenda.

The scepter is holding Polonium. Cook was going to sell it to the highest bidder. Now, in addition to an escape mission, Team Scorpion has to figure out how to handle Cook. Happy, Toby, and Walter manage to get out of the depository thanks to Sylvester firing a missile at them. Then, they hatch an even crazier plan.

They give Cook the scepter, and then decide to break back into Fort Knox. Yup, it sounds crazy, but they get in thanks to some pinecones. Once Walter gets back into the vault, he drops Cook's badge. Cook gets caught at the gate with the scepter. It's game over for him.

Meanwhile, Heywood is struggling to win Ralph's court case. Ralph's professor has back up logs that prove that he has been working on the project he stole from Ralph for six months. Heywood has to stall for time. First, he gets a competency hearing for Ralph, and then he gets arrested for contempt. It's unusual, but it works.

Ralph manages to prove the work is his because he leaves bookmarks in his code. His bookmarks are dates that are important to him - his birthday, his mom's birthday, and the day he met Walter. They win the case.


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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

Walter: She's very much EQ for my IQ, if you know what I'm saying.
Toby: I do and gross.

You took her to see the corpse flower?