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Megan has a risky surgery, and she asks for Sylvester to be there with her. Oh, and she asks him not to tell anyone, including Walter, until the doctors know the surgery worked.

Sylvester stays behind the mission of a lifetime for him. The team is going undercover as a film crew shooting a behind the scenes documentary of the making of Super Fun Guy The Movie. 

The mission is simple. Go in and find out what building the nuke is in, and then they call the SEALs, and then it's mission over. Well, the plan hits a snag.

The SEALs are grounded, and Kazakhstan grounded all flights out, so the team is stuck. Just when they figure out a way to disable the nuke, there's a new obstacle - the Super Fun Guy movie.

With so many people around them, the team is forced to blend in by wearing Super Fun Guy costumes. Cue the slow dramatic walk with a fan. The team ends up driving off with the nuke, and it's up to Sylvester to get to NATO in order to get them to order an extraction.

Sylvester manages to save the day and keep his promise to Megan. He's there when she wakes up with surgery, and he brought Ray, which everyone always enjoys.

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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Sounds like this place is in need of some serious ray-novations.


I know it's silly, but if I open my eyes, and I see you, I'll be reassured.