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The latest case Homeland has for Team Scorpion sends the geniuses back to college. Their mission is to find out who is threatening to shut down the federal reserve. The team figures out that the ransomware was uploaded on in a college's activity center. 

Time for some undercover work!

Toby is the only one excited about going back to school, but he soon changes his mind when he finds out he has to apply for a job in his nemesis' department. Happy has to rush a sorority, Walter is a drama teacher, Cabe has to be a campus security trainee, and Sylvester attempts to join the wrestling team. 

It turns out a man named Rider hired a college professor, who is now dead, and two kids to write some code for him. Now, Rider is out to tie up loose ends by killing the kids.

The team manages to stop the ransomware that was going to shut down the federal reserve. However, they have a new problem. Rider is holding Paige hostage. He wants his money, and if Team Scorpion doesn't deliver, Paige will die.

Don't worry, Team Scorpion gets the job done with time to spare for an adorable Quintis slowdance.

Ralph's latest assignment is to make a time capsule, and he asks everyoen in Team Scorpion to contribute by putting something meaningful in. Walter puts a picture of him and Megan in it. 

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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

The only thing I hate more than hearts is anything frilly or pink, but for Megan, I made an exception.


You look cute. What happened?